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Urban Legends: Hoax Photos & Viral Images
A gallery of viral images depicting animals in a variety of credulity-stretching contexts: giant house pets, wayward predators, albino wildlife, and more. Some of ...
Gross Pictures - Urban Legends - About.com
A gallery of viral images notable for their "ick" factor. Some of these "gross pictures" are authentic, others are fakes. As you'll see, it's not always easy to tell which ...
Praying Rocks (Viral Image) - Urban Legends
Apr 9, 2013 ... In this forwarded image, a rock formation and its reflection in a body of water resemble a mother and child praying.
What Is a Viral Infection - Cold and Flu - About.com
Jose Luis Pelaez/The Image Bank/Getty Images. Updated August 29, 2014. ... A viral infection is any type of infection that is caused by a virus. What is a Virus?
Viral Infections and the Skin - Dermatology - About.com
Chicken pox is a common infection caused by the varicella virus. This gallery shows pictures of chicken pox lesions in various stages and on different types of  ...
Herpes - Herpes Pictures and Cold Sores Pictures - Dermatology
Jul 14, 2014 ... The herpes virus causes a typical rash in the genital area and also causes fever blisters (cold sores). This gallery shows pictures of typical ...
Animal Viruses - Overview and Picture - Biology - About.com
Animal viruses cause a wide range of diseases in humans and animals. ... Sleeping child with chickenpox - Mieke Dalle/ Photographer's Choice/ Getty Images.
Viral Conjunctivitis - Viral Eye Infection - Vision - About.com
May 29, 2014 ... Learn about epidemic keraconjunctivitis, a highly contagious viral eye infection. ... Woman crying - Marco/The Image Bank/Getty Images.
Viruses That Cause Cancer - About Cancer
Sep 3, 2013 ... Pictures of HPV. Hepatitis: Infection with Hepatitis B virus (HBV) or Hepatitis C ( HCV) virus greatly put you at risk for developing liver cancer.
Viral Pneumonia - Causes & Symptoms - Cold and Flu - About.com
Jun 23, 2014 ... Viral pneumonia is one of the most common types of pneumonia. Caused ... Michael Krasowitz/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images. Updated ...
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