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Welcome to the World of AIDS - Urban Legends - About.com
It read "Welcome to the world of AIDS." She tried to pass it off as a practical joke but when she went for a blood test a couple of weeks later (just to be sure), she ...
More AIDS / HIV Sneak Attacks - Urban Legends
The syringe (left behind by the attacker?) supposedly bore the (now familiar) message: "Welcome to the world of AIDS." The Union-Tribune found the rumors to ...
HIV Needle-Stick Rumors Still Thriving Online - Urban Legends
This is especially true in the case of the AIDS virus, which can only survive outside the human body for ... It said, "Welcome to the real world, you're HIV positive.
HOAX: Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles - Urban Legends
Online warnings claim evildoers are exposing innocent victims to the AIDS virus ... HIV/AIDS Needles hidden under gas pumps ... Welcome to the World of AIDS
An Urban Legend Come to Life? - Urban Legends - About.com
The man was arrested, but it isn't known if he has the AIDS virus himself. ... who left behind a calling card saying "Welcome to the world of AIDS" or "Welcome to ...
Dirty Needles in Pay Phone Coin Slots - Urban Legends
... including Hong Kong & Taiwan as well. So, please be alert with public phones and beware of aids ! ... Welcome to the World of AIDS Needle-stick rumors as ...
Sen. Barack Obama's Speech on World AIDS Day 2006
The following is the text of Senator Barack Obama's courageous, savvy speech on AIDS, faith and politics he delivered on Dec 1, 2006 at the Global Summit on ...
Top 20 HIV/AIDS Charities of 2014 - AIDS/HIV - About.com
All told, we welcome six additions to the "Top 20 List of 2014" and encourage you ... Charity Snapshot: "The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, the world's ...
Pedro Zamora - Gay Life - About.com
Pedro Zamora on The Real World San Francisco: Pedro Zamora (February 29, 1972 – November 11, 1994) was a young openly-gay HIV-positive AIDS educator  ...
Current Netlore - Internet hoaxes, rumors, etc. - A to Z Index, cont.
"Welcome to the world of AIDS." The latest round of needle-stick incidents. HIV Needles in Pay Phone Coin Slots Are drug addicts everywhere trying to kill us all  ...
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