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Obama Removing 'In God We Trust' From Currency?

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Obama To Remove In God We Trust From All Currency

Viral "news article" claims President Obama has ordered the National Reserve to remove the motto "In God We Trust" from all U.S. currency beginning July 1, 2014.

Description: Fake news / Satire
Circulating since: May 2014
Status: FALSE (see details below)

Via NationalReport.net, May 24, 2014:

Obama To Remove “In God We Trust” From All Currency Beginning July 1st

Washington, DC — Beginning July 1st the Federal Reserve along with the United States Department of the Treasury will begin printing all currency, which includes all notes and coins, without the words ‘In God We Trust‘. This modification comes under strict orders from President Barack Obama and his administration.

Obama held a press conference this morning to explain the impending change and to answer questions.

“As our country grows and changes, so must our money,” Obama said. “There is now too many individuals living in this great nation of ours that do not worship the same God as most of us. In fact some folks don’t believe in a God at all. This currency adjustment is truly change we can believe in.”

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Analysis: This is satire, not fact, though many readers will probably be confused by the fact that a petition exists on the official White House website urging that the words "In God We Trust" be kept on U.S. currency and the Obama administration "must be stopped at all costs."

The petition was started by the same person who authored the fake news article, Paul Horner (who also posts under various pseudonyms including "Darius Rubics").

The story originated on NationalReport.net, a satirical website with a long track record of offending readers and fomenting outrage. From time to time it has run disclaimers acknowledging that its content is fictional, but there's no such disclaimer in evidence as of this writing.

There are, in fact, atheists who argue that "In God We Trust" should be removed from U.S. currency in the interests of separation of church and state, and some have gone so far as to file lawsuits (unsuccessfully) demanding such a change. Barack Obama hasn't taken a public stand on the issue, though he once accused Congressional Republicans of having their priorities mixed up when they voted to reaffirm "In God We Trust" as the national motto.

Previous viral articles from National Report have included "Obama Announces Plans for a Third Term," "California Allows State-Recognized Animal-Human Marriage," and "Assam Rape Festival in India Begins This Week."

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Last updated 05/26/14

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