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93-Year-Old Grandma Kills 'Knockout Game' Thug?


As shared via Facebook, Dec. 12, 2013:
93 Year Old Grandma Kills Knockout Game Thug

Netlore Archive: Viral article claims a 93-year-old grandmother in St. Louis named Gladis Bennett shot and killed a thug who attacked her while playing the "knockout game."

Via Facebook

Description: Fake news / Satire
Circulating since: Nov. 2013
Status: FAKE (see details below)

Text example:
Via NationalReport.net:

93-Year-Old Grandma Kills 'Knockout Game' Thug

St. Louis, MO — 93-year-old Gladis Bennett was on her way to visit her grandchildren as she usual does every Saturday morning. The air was crisp and cool without a cloud in the sky. It was a special morning too. It was her granddaughter’s 14th birthday. Bennett who has a pension from the military was excited that she could afford the extra presents and treats for her granddaughter’s party that afternoon. She was waiting for the number ten bus that would take her into downtown. That is when everything changed forever.

"I was waiting at the bus stop and suddenly felt this sharp pain to the left side of my body. The blunt force was so strong that it knocked me down. When I looked up I could see a group of thugs laughing at me. Then one of them started kicking me. So before they had a chance to do more harm, I reached in my purse, pulled out my gun and shot the main aggressor. Luckily they all ran after that. I was terrified. I thought they were going to kill me."

- Full Text -

Analysis: False. No such incident occurred. This is a fake news article originally published on the satirical website NationalReport.net on Nov. 25, 2013.

"All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news," states the site's disclaimer page. "Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental."

The article is attributed to one "Andy Factcheck" (aka Paul Horner), who is also listed as the author of such stories as "Argentinian Man Masturbates 83 Times In 24 Hour Period" and "Biggest Penis in the World Title Goes to Paul Horner."

As frequently happens, many readers were led astray when the story was republished without a disclaimer on copycat blogs and websites such as The Lonely Conservative, Daily Buzz Live, Before It's News, etc.

When in doubt, be skeptical. It always pays to double-check sources.

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Sources and further reading:

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National Report (satirical website), 25 November 2013

The Story About an Elderly St. Louis Woman Killing a 'Knockout Game' Suspect Is a Hoax
Fox News, 27 November 2013

Factcheck: 'Knockout Game' Real Story or Sucker Punch?
Florida Times-Union, 6 December 2013

Last updated 12/12/13

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