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Don't Be Fooled! A Guide to Fake News Websites


The Lapine

This Canada-centric site also lampoons U.S. and world events, and, truth be told, just about everything else that can possibly be made fun of. "The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked," reads the site's self-description. A recent article was entitled "Top 3 Cuss Words on Twitter." Not biting social commentary, exactly, but often entertaining.

Lightly Braised Turnip

Lightly Braised Turnip
As the name "Lightly Braised Turnip" suggests, this site takes a absurdist approach to the news of the day. The publisher's statement, dated July 23, 1905, vows to "never be satisfied with merely printing news but also create news where needed." And create news they bloody well do.



This site credits itself with doing "media criticism through satire," though its articles are neither pithy nor funny. To date, MediaMass remains best known for running boilerplate stories pre-emptively dismissing celebrity death reports as hoaxes, even when those reports have been accurate. This is the very opposite of a reliable source.

National Report

National Report burst on the scene in 2013 with a take-no-prisoners approach to political satire. Its content seems calculated more to push readers' buttons than to make them laugh, which may explain why it's often mistaken for real news by the very folks whose views it aims to skewer. Fortunately, as of Feb. 2014 NationalReport.net had reinstated its now-you-see-it-now-you-don't disclaimer page identifying the site as satirical. Don't be fooled!


There seems to be no particular rhyme or reason behind the content on News-Hound.org, which is neither original nor funny, nor does it ever quite rise to the level of satire, but with its persistent leg pulling it unquestionably qualifies as fake news.


The Onion

The Onion was founded as a weekly satirical newspaper in 1988, billing itself from day one as "America's Finest News Source." The web version, TheOnion.com, was launched in 1996 and, unlike many of its imitators, remains consistently incisive and hilarious. That The Onion is America's finest satirical news source is beyond doubt.

The Spoof

"All items on this website are fictitious," says the disclaimer on every page of this site. With a name like "The Spoof," you'd think there could be no doubt, but this is, after all, the Internet. Stories here are 100% reader-submitted and range from laugh-out-loud funny to just plain dumb.

Weekly World News

Originally a supermarket tabloid best known for covering Elvis sightings, alien abductions, Nostradamus prophecies and the like, Weekly World News ceased to exist as a print publication in 2007 but lives on thanks to the Internet, still covering Elvis sightings, alien abductions, and Nostradamus prophecies. Why mess with a winning formula?

World News Daily Report

World News Daily Report
Noteworthy for such preposterous headlines as "Dead Cow Brought Back to Life by Lightning" and "Kentucky Man Sentenced to 235,451 Years in Jail," this tabloid-style site emphasizes the "faux" in faux journalism.


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