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Accidents / Mishaps / Disasters

All the proof you'll ever need that humor lies in other people's misfortune.

1994's Most Bizarre Suicide
How one man's attempt to commit suicide turned into a brain-teaser for crime scene investigators. Was 1994's "most bizarre suicide" actually a case of murder? (See also: Deconstructing Ronald Opus)

Air France Flight 447 Plane Crash (Photos)
Emailed photos purportedly taken inside the passenger cabin of A330 Air France Flight 447 moments before it broke up over the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 (originally circulated as photos of Gol Airlines Flight 1907 after mid-air collision in 2006).

The Barrel of Bricks
As told in story, song, and faxlore, the tale of a bricklayer who suffers multiple injurious mishaps while lowering bricks from a rooftop with a pulley

Biscuits for Brains
POP goes the Pillsbury Dough Boy in the back seat - and a woman thinks she has been shot...

Boiled Brains
How not to dry your hair.

Cell Phones Cause Gas Station Explosions
This little rumor has never been substantiated, but gasoline vendors around the world seem to be taking it very, very seriously.

The Char-Broiled Scuba Diver
Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed, put on your wetsuit and go scuba diving in the vicinity of a forest fire.

Construction Calamities
Darwinian fables from the annals of heavy construction.

Cruise Control and Hydroplaning (Safety Warning)
TRUE: Using cruise control when driving at high speeds on wet pavement can cause a car to hydroplane and might result in a deadly accident.

Deconstructing Ronald Opus
Sleuthing an Internet urban legend - the complicated demise of Ronald Opus (a.k.a. "1994's Most Bizarre Suicide").

Electricity Is a Funny Thing
In case you needed it, proof that urine and electricity don't mix.

Exploding Pyrex
Forwarded email claims Pyrex dishes manufactured in the U.S. during the past 25 years may break or "explode" during use due to changes in its formulation.

The Exploding Toilet
Man drops cigarette into toilet filled with discarded gasoline or cleaning fluids; toilet explodes; comedy of errors ensues...

The Fatal Tan
With her wedding day approaching, a young woman decides she would look better in her wedding dress with a nice tan, so a week before the big day she goes to a tanning salon. Then another, and another...

Father of Va Tech Victim Backs Over Daughter in Driveway
Virginia Tech shooting tragedy is compounded when the father of one of the victims backs over his 8-year-old daughter in the driveway

George Turklebaum, R.I.P.
In which we are told that a New York proofreader lay dead at his desk for five full days before his coworkers realized it.

Gerbilling Mishap Injures Two
The rectal rodent was the least of their worries...

Hydrogen Beer Explosion
Japanese man suffers serious burns while belching blue fire in karaoke bar!

In Lieu of a Loo
Another disaster wrought by toilet-related embarrassment...

A Light at the End of the Tunnel
From the "odd things inserted into orifices" file.

The Lightning-Fused Lovers
Two college students making love on top of a mountain during a thunderstorm experience the climax of their lives -- literally.

Lucky Truck Accident (Photos)
TRUE: Emailed pictures show the denouement of a pickup truck accident in which the truck apparently crashed through a barricade, struck a culvert, flipped end over end, and landed upright mere inches from the edge of a deep ravine.

The Microwaved Pet
An elderly woman comes up with a novel way to dry off her soggy poodle in a hurry. Don't try this at home!

Miracle Aboard Flight 261
Did a crashing airliner unaccountable remain aloft for nine minutes while a pastor's wife led fellow passengers in prayer?

Please Don't Intoxicate the Animals
A lesson in how not to behave in a safari theme park.

The Pooped Pants
It was their first date... and, inevitably, their last.

Read the Label!
Gynecologist to woman: "Looks like we've got ourselves a party girl!"

Satellite Photos of Space Shuttle Explosion
These stunningly clear, close-up images purporting to show the Space Shuttle Columbia blowing up in orbit are circulating via email. Were they really taken by an Israeli spy satellite?

Scrotum Self-Repair
Perhaps the most inventive use of an industrial staple gun you're ever likely to see. Grisly but true!

The amazing household adhesive best known as Superglue has many, many more uses (and abuses) than you ever imagined...

Toddler Gets Drunk on Hand Sanitizer
Forwarded email warns of the danger of children licking or eating hand sanitizer, which contains a high percentage of alcohol and can cause accidental intoxication or alcohol poisoning

Towboat Mishap (Photos)
Remarkable photo vignette shows a river towboat colliding sideways with a bridge, rolling underneath it, and emerging intact on the other side.

Tow Truck Comedy of Errors (Photos)
A photo vignette circulating via email shows a tow truck tumbling into the sea while attempting to salvage another tow truck that met the same fate while salvaging a wrecked car.

Can Microwaved Water Explode?
Forwarded email warns of an uncommon - though plausible - mishap involving water superheated in a microwave oven 'exploding' and causing injury.

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