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8-Year-Old Girl Killed in Boston Marathon Bombings?


As posted on Facebook, April 15, 2013:
Hoax: 8-year-old girl killed in Boston Marathon bombings

Netlore Archive: Viral image supposedly shows an 8-year-old girl killed in terrorist bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral image / Hoax
Circulating since: April 15, 2013
Status: False (see details below)

Full text:
As posted on Facebook, April 15, 2013:

See this little girl?
She died today.
She was
Running the
Marathon for the
Sandy hook kids.
She's 8.
Repost for
Respect of her.
Wear red
To support
Her and all
The others who

Analysis: Hoax. This image is being circulated under false pretenses. The child pictured above wasn't a participant in the 2013 Boston Marathon. The photo was taken during a 5K charity run in Great Falls, Virginia in May 2012.

An 8-year-old boy, Martin Richard of Boston, was one of three people killed when bombs exploded near the finish line of the marathon on April 15, 2013. No girls of that age were listed among the fatalities.

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Sources and further reading:

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Hundreds Turn Out for 3rd Annual Joe Cassella 5K
The Saxon Scope Online, 20 May 2012

Last updated 04/16/13

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