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Rare Golden Zebra


As posted on Facebook, April 19, 2013:
Golden Zebra

Netlore Archive: Viral image of Zoe, a rare golden zebra with burnt-orange stripes and blue eyes.

Viral image via Facebook / Original photo by Bill Adams

Description: Viral image
Circulating since: April 2013
Status: Real image, color-enhanced (see details below)

Example caption:
As posted on Facebook, April 19, 2013:

Meet Zoe! Born in Hawaii, is one of very few 'Golden' Zebras known in existence. Beautiful right?

Analysis: This is an actual photograph that has been digitally manipulated (by whom, we don't know) to exaggerate her unusual coloring. Zoe the zebra is real, but sans color enhancement her stripes look more beige than golden, and her eyes, though bright blue, don't have the preternatural glow seen above (view original image here, and another here).

According to her caretakers at Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Hawaii, Zoe was born with a condition known as amelanosis, a melanin pigment deficiency, and is indeed extremely rare.

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Last updated 05/09/13

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