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Spider in Oreo Cookie


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As posted on Facebook, Feb. 23, 2013:
Spider in Oreo

Netlore Archive: Circulating via social media, this unsettling image supposedly shows a real spider found smashed inside an Oreo cookie.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral image
Circulating since: Jan. 2013?
Status: Prank

As posted on Facebook, Feb. 23, 2013:

This is why you always take oreos apart before eating them, always. Now think of all the oreos you've ever eaten foolishly

Analysis: The cookie looks real enough, the spider looks real enough (see brightness-enhanced image), and the image as a whole shows no obvious signs of manipulation. But if you look into how Oreo cookies are made — i.e., almost entirely by machine and at very high speed — it seems unlikely that a wayward spider could end up sandwiched in the middle of one accidentally.

Possible, but unlikely.

The earliest online posting of the image I've found is an Instagram posted January 31, 2013. When I asked the user, Jacob McAuliff, where the spider pic came from he replied: "We took an Oreo and smushed a spider into the white cream and put the cookie back on it. Voila!! Oreo spider."

I think we can safely dismiss this as a practical joke gone viral.

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