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Calico Buck / Calico Deer


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THE WORD "calico" aptly describes the coloring of this handsome animal, though "piebald" is more often used. Piebald deer are white-tailed deer with a genetic defect resulting in a coat with asymmetrical white and brown (or white and black) patches. Experts say it is quite rare.

Though piebald deer can presumably be found anywhere white-tailed deer are common — including Wisconsin, where the specimen in the photographs was allegedly killed — it so happens that this deer was bagged in east Texas. According to the deer hunting and management website Buck Manager, the 195-pound buck was "harvested" on November 2, 2008 near Palestine, Texas (EXIF data embedded in the images confirms the photos were taken on that date) by James Curtis of Belleville, Texas.

Among the falsehoods spotted in the various captions accompanying these photos are the claims that the deer was killed in Michigan, Arkansas, West Virginia, or Georgia, and that the carcass was sold to hunting outfitter Cabela's for $13,000.

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Last updated: 02/06/09

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