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Obama, Barack

Urban legends, Internet hoaxes and rumors about Illinois senator and 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama

1% Transaction Tax
H.R. 4646: Forwarded email claims President Obama's finance team is planning to impose a 1% transaction tax on bank deposits and all other transactions at financial institutions.

2006 Obama Quote on Raising Debt Limit
Circulating via email, a quote attributed to Sen. Barack Obama in 2006 in which he calls raising the U.S. national debt limit 'a sign of leadership failure.'

Anti-Obama Clothing Label
Recycled from the G.W. Bush years: Translated into English, the French portion of an American clothing label reads: "We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We did not vote for him."

Barack Obama the Antichrist
2008 email rumor claims charismatic U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama is the Antichrist prophesied in the New Testament.

Barack Obama's 923 Executive Orders
Viral message asserts that President Obama signed 923 executive orders in the first 40 months of his term, many times more than any other U.S. president to date.

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate
A refutation of rumors alleging that Barack Obama's birth certificate is either a forgery or an invalid "short-form" computer print-out which fails to establish his status as a U.S. citizen.

Barack Obama Changes Presidential Seal
Email flier says Barack Obama used a podium featuring an altered version of the Presidential Seal during a June 2008 campaign appearance.

Barack Obama Citizenship Case Reaches Supreme Court?
Circulating via email, a purported AP news story claims Occidental College transcripts prove that under the name "Barry Soetoro," Barack Obama received a Fulbright Scholarship awarded to foreign-born students only.

Barack Obama Explains Why He Doesn't Salute the Flag
Circulating via email, an alleged quote from Barack Obama explains why he doesn't wear a flag pin or salute the flag during the national anthem.

Barack Obama's Foreign Fundraising
Phony op-ed column attributed to New York Times writer Maureen Dowd claims Barack Obama has accepted campaign donations from foreign countries including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Barack Obama: 'Greatest Nation... Join with Me as We Try to Change It'
Supposedly uttered by Barack Obama: "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it."

Barack Obama: 'I've Visited 57 States'
Forwarded email quotes a campaign-weary Barack Obama saying he has campaigned (or plans to campaign) in 'all 57 states.' Lo and behold, allegedly, it turns out there are 57 Islamic states.

Barack Obama Is a Muslim
Email rumor alleges that U.S. presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is actually a loyal Muslim who has lied about his religious background, including his claim to being a devoted Christian.

Barack Obama's 'Muslim' Wedding Ring
Online "news" sources claim President Obama's Indonesian-made gold ring bears the inscription "There is not God but Allah" in Arabic.

Barack Obama's Kenya Connection
Emailed letter from American missionaries in Kenya claims Barack Obama is a racist Muslim who fostered political chaos in Africa and is dedicated to worldwide jihad.

Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate
Fake birth certificate circulating online purports to prove that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and therefore isn't a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Barack Obama's Left-Handed Flag Salute (Photo)
Viral image appears to show Barack and Michelle Obama saluting the flag by placing their left hands (instead of their right) over their hearts.

Barack Obama Not a Natural Born Citizen
Email rumor claims that Barack Obama is ineligible to become president because according to the laws in effect at the time of his birth he is not a natural-born citizen of the U.S.

Barack Obama on the Phone (Photo)
Emailed photo shows presidential candidate Barack Obama speaking on the phone while apparently holding the receiver upside-down.

Barack Obama Praying at a Mosque (Photo)
Emailed image purports to show President Obama kneeling at a "mosque prayer session" on the White House grounds in Washington, DC.

Barack Obama's Random Act of Kindness
Forwarded email relates a story published in a Norwegian newspaper about Mary Andersen, who was stranded without money in the Miami airport one day in 1988 and unable to pay a $103 luggage surcharge. A tall, well-dressed stranger came to her rescue and paid the fee. His name: Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Refuses to Salute the Flag
Email rumor with accompanying photo alleges that Barack Obama did not salute the American flag, either during the playing of the national anthem or while saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Barack Obama Removes U.S. Flag from Campaign Plane
Email flier chastises presidential candidate Barack Obama for removing an image of the American flag from the tail of his campaign jet.

Barack Obama Skips 'Salute to Heroes' Inaugural Ball
Forwarded email criticizes Barack Obama for being the first newly inaugurated president in 56 years to skip the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball honoring recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Barack Obama Snubs Troops on Visit to Afghanistan
Email purportedly written by a U.S. Army captain claims Barack Obama shunned rank-and-file soldiers during his July 2008 visit to a military installation in Afghanistan.

Jean Paul Ludwig / Obama's Social Security Number
Forwarded email claims a social security number attributed to President Obama was originally issued in Connecticut to a man named Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890 and died in 1981.

Barack Obama's Unholy and Anti-American Trifecta
Forwarded email says President Obama completed an "unholy and Anti-American trifecta" by being the first president to miss the annual Army-Navy game, the first not to attend any Christmas religious observance, and the first to stay on vacation following a terrorist attack.

Viral quote attributed to Caroline Kennedy: 'I can't stand to hear his...
Supposedly said by Caroline Kennedy about Barack Obama: "I can't stand to hear his voice any more. He's a liar and worse."

The Cost of Obama's Trip to India
Forwarded emails based on questionable news reports claim President Obama's trip to India will require a staff of 3,000 people, a flotilla of 34 war ships, and cost American taxpayers $2 billion.

Does Obama Have a 19-Year-Old Son?
Viral postings claim President Obama has a 19-year-old son, Luther, who made a surprise appearance at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

The Difference Between Obama and Romney
Juxtaposed images purport to contrast President Barack Obama, "man of the people," with Mitt Romney, "man of wealth and privilege."

Don't Wear Obama Gear at Polling Places
Email rumor warns Barack Obama supporters not to wear Obama shirts, pins, or hats to polling places because it is considered campaigning under the law and grounds for officials to turn voters away.

Fourth-Grade Teacher's Letter to Obama
An open letter to President Obama attributed to Hillsboro, Missouri elementary school teacher Kathleen Lyday expresses one citizen's vehement displeasure with the way the country is being run.

G.W. Bush Accidentally Votes for Obama in 2012 Election
According to a viral "news story," former President George W. Bush mistakenly cast his vote for Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

G.W. Bush Visit to Ft. Hood
Circulating via email, a photo of George W. Bush and Laura Bush visiting a victim of the Ft. Hood shootings. Accompanying text says the visit was impromptu and President Obama asked the Bushes to leave.

Harold B. Estes Letter to Obama
Emailed letter attributed to 95-year-old World War II Navy veteran Harold B. Estes lambastes President Obama for "telling our friends & enemies despicable lies" and advises him to "shape up and start acting like an American."

History Unfolding: Historian Compares Obama to Hitler
Emailed article critical of President Obama's policies and comparing his rise to that of Adolf Hitler is variously attributed to historians David Kaiser and Timothy Wood.

H.R. 1388 - Obama Funds Resettlement of Hamas Refugees to U.S.A.
Forwarded email claims President Obama has funded a $20 million resettlement of Hamas refugees to the United States via H.R. 1388, a bill supposedly passed 'behind our backs' by Congress.

Hugh Downs: Obama Will Lose
Circulating online, an op-ed piece falsely attributed to Hugh Downs predicts Barack Obama will lose the 2008 presidential election because he is a "flake."

Huntley Brown: Why I (A Black Man) Can't Vote for Obama
Emailed essay by Christian pianist Huntley Brown states his reasons for not supporting Barack Obama's candidacy for president.

Islam on Capitol Hill / Muslim Day of Prayer
Forwarded emails express alarm that a Muslim Day of Prayer with an estimated 50,000 Muslims attending has been announced for Washington, D.C. on September 25, 2009.

KKK Endorses Barack Obama
Emailed 'news item' dated Feb. 7, 2008 claims the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan has endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency

Lee Iacocca Speaks Out on Obama
Forwarded text attributed to former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca says the only way to save America is to "Throw all the Democrats out along with Obama!"

Lou Pritchett Letter to Obama
Authentic: Circulating via forwarded email, an open letter to President Obama by former Procter & Gamble executive Lou Pritchett enumerates the ways the newly-elected commander-in-chief scares him.

Michelle Obama: 'All This for a Damn Flag?'
Viral news videos supposedly show Michelle Obama saying "All this for a damn flag?" as she and President Obama view a flag-folding ceremony on the anniversary of 9/11.

Michelle Obama's Brother Keeps Coaching Job Thanks to Stimulus Bribe
Email rumor claims Oregon State University was bribed with federal stimulus money to halt the firing of basketball coach Craig Robinson, who happens to be Michelle Obama's brother.

Michelle Obama's Lobster Snack
Emailed campaign flier purports to show the receipt for a $447.39 lobster "snack" ordered by Michelle Obama at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in October 2008.

Michelle Obama's Staff
Emailed article castigates First Lady Michelle Obama for requiring a paid staff of more than 20 people, claiming she has an "unprecedented" number of "attendants."

Military to Pledge Loyalty Oath to Obama Instead of Constitution
Emailed "news story" claims the Obama administration is quietly planning to replace the military oath of loyalty to the Constitution with a pledge of loyalty to Obama himself.

New Air Force One Tail Number
In an emailed photo of Air Force One, the military plane used by President Barack Obama, the tail number has been replaced by a racist epithet.

Obama's Air Force One
Viral rant claims President Barack Obama removed the American flag from Air Force One and replaced it with his own campaign logo and slogan, at a cost to taxpayers of $500,000.

Obama Announces Plans for a Third Term
Satirical article claims President Obama wants to run for a third presidential term.

Obama Bans Sport Fishing in America
Rumor claims the Obama administration is moving ahead with plans to ban recreational fishing in the U.S.

Obama Bumper Sticker Layoffs
Memo attributed to a U.S. business owner announces pre-emptive layoffs of employees with cars sporting Obama bumper stickers in anticipation of higher taxes and government fees.

Obama / Bush Inauguration Cost Comparison
Forwarded email compares the alleged cost of Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration to that of G.W. Bush's second inaugural festivities in 2005 and the disparate media reactions to same.

Obama Citizenship - Readers Respond
Some people claim there are valid reasons to doubt Obama's status as a natural-born citizen of the U.S., and therefore the legitimacy of his presidency. Others say the challenge is politically motivated and based on hearsay and speculation. Do you think there are valid questions about Obama's legitimacy?

Obama to College Students: Don't Celebrate Fourth of July
Viral article quotes President Obama supposedly telling Congressional summer interns not to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Obama Complains About Missing Golf on the 4th of July
Was President Obama caught on an open mic after his 4th of July address saying "I can’t believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap"?

Obama's Decision Making in Somali Pirate Hostage Crisis
Forwarded email criticizes Barack Obama's handling of the Somali pirate hostage crisis in April 2009, alleging that the President hindered the on-scene commander's ability to effect a rescue by withholding authorization to use deadly force.

Obama Finances Offshore Oil Drilling in Brazil
Forwarded email claims President Obama signed an executive order lending $2 billion of taxpayer money to a Brazilian oil company for offshore drilling to produce oil for China.

Obama Fires Cattle Guards in Colorado
Forwarded email claims that President Obama, upon learning there are over 100,000 cattle guards in Colorado, ordered half of them to be fired immediately.

Obama's 'Foreign Student' ID Found?
Viral image purporting to show Barack Obama's Columbia University student ID card. It identifies him as "Barry Soetoro" and lists him as a "foreign student."

Obama's Flagless Press Conference
Forwarded email featuring an image of Barack Obama holding a White House press conference with no American flags on display claims he is the first U.S. president to do so.

Obama Grants Full Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol
Forwarded op-ed piece claims an executive order (12425) amended by President Obama grants full diplomatic immunity to the international police organization Interpol.

The Obama / Kagan Connection
Forwarded emails claim former U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan represented President Obama in court cases challenging his U.S. citizenship before he nominated her to the Supreme Court.

Obama Kicks Door Open (Video)
In this viral video circulating online, President Obama is seen kicking open a door as he storms angrily out of a White House press conference.

Obama's Law License
Forwarded text claims President Obama and Michelle Obama both surrendered their law licenses in the state of Illinois to avoid prosecution on criminal charges.

Obama on Military Insurance Proposal
Forwarded email quotes President Obama deriding military veterans for "whining: about his proposal to bill their private health insurance plans for treatment of battlefield injuries.

Obama and the National Day of Prayer
Forwarded email claims President Obama declared the U.S. "no longer a Christian nation" and canceled the annual National Day of Prayer ceremony "under the ruse of not wanting to offend anyone."

Obama: No Military Personnel at Faith-Based Events
Obama stops wounded soldier from speaking? Forwarded email claims President Obama has initiated a policy ordering that no members of the U.S. military speak at faith-based public events.

Obama the Only President to Skip D-Day Commemoration?
Viral message claims Barack Obama is the only American president since World War II who failed to visit the D-Day monument commemorating U.S. soldiers killed during the invasion of Normandy.

Obama Omits 'Creator' in Declaration Quote
Forwarded emails claim President Obama omitted the words "by their Creator" when paraphrasing the Declaration of Independence in a 2010 speech.

The Obama Phone - Free Cell Phones for Welfare Recipients
Forwarded email claims the Obama administration has started a program whereby taxpayer money is being "redistributed" to provide free cell phones and service to welfare recipients.

Obama Orders Change in Military Funeral Protocol
Viral message claims President Obama has ordered changes in military funeral protocol resulting in the folded flag being presented to next-of-kin "on behalf of the Secretary of Defense" instead of "on behalf of the President."

Obama Pranked by Ron Paul Supporter?
Viral image purports to show an unaware Barack Obama posing for a photo opp with a college student who has written "Vote Ron Paul" on the back of his hand.

Obama Salutes Russian National Anthem but Not Our Own?
Paired images purport to show President Obama saluting with hand over heart during the playing of the Russian national anthem but refusing to salute during our own.

President Obama Named 'Walking Eagle' by Native Americans
Viral joke alleges that President Barack Obama was given the Indian name 'Walking Eagle' after addressing a gathering of Native American tribes.

Obama to Remove 'In God We Trust' From All Currency
Satirical article from fake news website National Report claims President Obama has ordered the removal of 'In God We Trust' from all U.S. currency.

Obama Signs Bill Forgiving All Student Loan Debt
Satirical article claims President Obama signed legislation forgiving all student loan debt.

Obama Unveils New American Flag
Viral "news article" claims President Obama introduced a new U.S. flag substituting symbols of Islam and Socialism for the traditional stars and stripes.

Obama's Veterans Day Non-Salute
Emailed picture supposedly shows President Obama neglecting to salute the flag (or the national anthem) at the 2009 Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.

Obama to Visit Mosque on 4th of July
Viral hoax claims President Obama plans to celebrate the 4th of July at a mosque with Muslim leaders.

Obama Waves in U.N. Group Photo
2011 news photo shows President Obama waving during a group picture-taking session at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel with members of the U.N. Open Government Partnership, obscuring the face of Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.

Obama's Wedding Ring Out for Repairs?
Forwarded email notes that President Obama wasn't wearing a wristwatch or wedding ring at a press conference allegedly held during the month of Ramadan in 2010 and concludes he must therefore be a Muslim.

'The President Without a Country' by Pat Boone
Emailed article attributed to American entertainer Pat Boone chastises President Obama for saying the United States is "no longer a Christian nation."

Quiz: Who Said It?
Circulating via forwarded email, this brief quiz consists of hilarious verbal gaffes attributed to several different U.S. politicians including President Barack Obama.

Racist Obama Book Display at Barnes & Noble (Photo)
Circulating via email, a photo taken of a window of the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Coral Gables, Florida featuring a display of Barack Obama books into which a book named 'Monkeys' has been inserted.

Snopes.com: Biased and Unreliable?
Forwarded email alleges that the urban legend debunking site Snopes.com is "owned by a flaming liberal" who is "in the tank for Obama" and cannot be trusted to provide reliable information.

Religion Banned on White House Christmas Tree Ornaments
Forwarded email claims the Obamas will have "holiday trees" instead of Christmas trees in the White House this year, and no ornaments with religious themes will be allowed.

Road Sign: 'Welcome to Kenya, Birthplace of Barack Obama'
Circulating via email, a photo purporting to show a highway sign in Kenya that reads "Welcome to Kenya, Birthplace of Barack Obama."

DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices? No, It's Satire
Viral "news story" claims agents of the FBI and DOJ raided the offices of the National Report after a scathing story was published about President Obama.

Sonia Sotomayor Advocates Castrating White Males
Emailed "news story" claims U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor delivered a speech in 2004 in which she advocated the "castration of all white males," and that her comments have been defended by President Obama as "taken out of context" by political opponents.

Three Men Who Brought Down Wall Street
Forwarded email alleges that three former Fannie Mae executives accused of improprieties -- Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson -- are all now serving as top economic advisers to Barack Obama.

Tiger Woods Inauguration Speech
Email flier quotes golfer Tiger Woods' speech during a pre-inaugural ceremony for President Obama on January 18, 2009 and praises him for saluting the nation's military instead of the President-elect himself.

Wayne Allyn Root on Obama's 'Marxist' Agenda
Forwarded op-ed piece attributed to libertarian politician Wayne Allyn Root accuses Barack Obama of "purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos."

Was Nidal Hasan on Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team?
Online rumor claims that Nidal Hasan, who killed 14 people and wounded 30 during a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas on Nov. 5, 2009, was a member of President Obama's Homeland Security transition team.

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