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Was Ft. Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan on Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team?

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Online rumor claims that Nidal Hasan, who killed 14 people and wounded 30 during a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas on Nov. 5, 2009, was a member of President Obama's Homeland Security transition team.

Description: Forwarded email
Circulating since: Nov. 2009
Status: False and misleading

Email example contributed by Stan F., Nov. 7, 2009:

Fw: Nidal Hasan, the killer at Fort Hood

Makes you wonder???? Or better yet, SHOULD MAKE YOU WONDER!!!

Got the below from a friend... Unfreaken real... I checked and he's listed on page 29... Dawna

Nidal Hasan, the killer at Fort Hood, was on 0bama's "Homeland Security transition team," the group responsible, as I understand it, for moving Homeland Security toward white and conservative groups as being "dangerous."

He is on page 29 in 0bama's report PDF (page 32 including the cover pages):


Analysis: The text is false and misleading.

It's true that in the January 2009 proceedings report of the HSPI Presidential Transition Task Force, a project of George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute, accused Ft. Hood killer Nidal Malik Hasan is listed as a "participant."

However, HSPI and the Presidential Transition Task Force are purely academic bodies with no affiliation whatsoever to Obama's official Homeland Security transition team, according to a statement issed by the Institute, nor was Hasan ever a member, briefer, or featured speaker at any HSPI event.

In fact, Hasan was a Task Force "participant" only insofar as he registered to attend HSPI-sponsored public events as an audience member.

Full statement from George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute (emailed to me Nov. 21, 2009 by GWU spokesperson Anne Banner):

In his capacity as Disaster & Preventive Psychiatry Fellow at the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, Nidal Hasan registered (RSVP'd) to attend as an audience member a number of Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) events in the period June 2008 to February 2009. All of these events were open to the public.

Our Presidential Transition Task Force Events are open to the public and invitations were shared with numerous government departments and agencies, including senior officials at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS). These senior leaders at USUHS in turn shared the invitation with their subordinates, including Hasan.

At no time has Nidal Hasan been affiliated with HSPI or The George Washington University. He has never served as an HSPI Task Force Member, briefer, or featured speaker at an HSPI event.

HSPI's Presidential Transition Task Force is not and was not affiliated with any Administration; and was created prior to the election.

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Last updated: 11/21/09

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