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Police Officer Delivers Milk During Boston Lockdown


As shared via Imgur.com, April 20, 2013:
Boston Police Officer Delivers Milk

Netlore Archive: Viral image shows a police officer delivering milk to a family with a 16-month-old son in Watertown during the citywide lockdown after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Viral image via Imgur.com

Description: Viral image
Circulating since: April 20, 2013
Status: Authentic (see details below)


This police officer brought two gallons of milk to a family with young children in Watertown, after they had run out during the lockdown. This is why I love living in Boston.

Analysis: This image was originally posted on Reddit.com on April 20, 2013 with the following explanation:

To protect and serve!

Context: My friend who lives in Watertown (right between where the shootings happened last night and the location of the arrest of the second bomber) has a 16 month old son. Since they were on lock down this awesome cop went to the store to get them some milk. Very cool.

According to a report by local Boston TV station WBZ, the Boston Police Department confirmed the authenticity of the photo on April 21. It was reposted on the official Boston PD Facebook page and via the Boston PD Twitter account the same day. It was noted in a subsequent update that the officer is a member of the nearby Brookline Police Department, not Boston PD. His name is John Bradley.

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Last updated 04/23/13

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