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Picture of a Raccoon Holding a Cat


FW: Did You Lose a Cat?
Raccoon Holding Cat Picture

Netlore Archive: Viral image circulating via social media shows a raccoon standing upright and holding a kitten or cat in its paws.

Image source: unknown, circulating via email

Description: Viral image
Circulating since: Jan. 2011
Status: Fake (see details below)

Text example:
Email contributed by Kathie J., Feb. 2, 2011:

FW: Did you lose a cat?
This is probably the most amazing picture of 2011!

Analysis: You guessed it, the picture was Photoshopped. Versions of the image have been circulating online since 2007 or thereabouts — sometimes with cat, sometimes not, sometimes with fire extinguisher, sometimes not. The earliest version I've found with the cat — because, apparently, a picture of a raccoon begging in a doorway by itself isn't cute enough — was posted in January 2011. If you're interested, you can view three different versions side-by-side.

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Last updated 10/16/13

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