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Here you'll find all the most familiar urban legends of the past 50 years listed in one place, including: "Alligators in the Sewers," "The Hook," "The Microwaved Pet," and "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light?"
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Alligators in the Sewers
You can find everything else under the sun in New York City -- so why not giant albino alligators under the streets?!

Another Close Call at the Mall
A fiendish killer disguised as a mild-mannered, well-dressed businessman helps a damsel in distress, then demands that she give him a ride...

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On the Light?
Horrible things happen in the dark... but at least you can't see them.

The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs
A teenage babysitter frantically calls the police after receiving prank calls from a stranger who repeatedly inquires after the welfare of the children she's supposed to be taking care of.

Biscuits for Brains
POP goes the Pillsbury Dough Boy in the back seat - and a woman thinks she has been shot...

The Body in the Bed
"Honey, what's that horrible smell in our hotel room?"

The Boyfriend's Death
They picked the worst possible night to go necking on Lovers' Lane...

Bride-and-Seek (The Missing Bride)
The members of a wedding party decide to play an impromptu game of hide-and-seek. They have lots of fun, until things go terribly wrong.

Buried Alive!
Once upon a time, this was not an urban legend.

Can Cats Suck the Breath out of Babies?
If not, why do so many people believe they can?

The Celebrity Heckler
'If you think you can do better, come on up here!' says Grand Funk Railroad's guitarist to a booing audience member. To his chagrin, the heckler turns out to be Eric Clapton...

Chicken Guns
We dispute the notion that anyone could possibly forget to thaw their chickens before loading them into a cannon to fire at aircraft.

The Choking Doberman
Choking on what, you ask? Horrifying answer here.

The Dead Cat in the Package
After stealing someone's shopping bag in a department store parking lot, the thief gets the surprise of her life when she opens the bag and finds a dead cat inside.

The Death of Little Mikey (Pop Rocks and Soda)
Did the actor who played 'Mikey' in Life cereal commercials during the early '70s die as a result of consuming Pop Rocks and a carbonated soft drink at the same time?

Eddie Murphy Mistaken for a Robber (The Elevator Story)
New email versions of this decades-old urban legend have both Eddie Murphy and Michael Jordan scaring the heck out of white folks on hotel elevators.

The Exploding Cactus
They thought it strange when their brand-new cactus began to quiver...

The Fatal Hairdo
Vanity kills!  A most instructive urban legend.

The Fatal Tan
She made one too many visits to the tanning booth...

Flash Your Headlights and Die!
Think twice before you signal someone that their headlights are off.

The Foiled Abduction
It really happened at a shopping mall to the son of my friend's friend.

From 'Italy, a Poem' by Samuel Rogers, the tale 'Ginevra' is believed by some to have been the direct inspiration for Thomas Haynes Bayly's 'The Mistletoe Bough.'

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky
What Neil Armstrong really said when he first set foot on the moon?

The Good Samaritan
Bill Gates handsomely rewards a man for helping him fix a flat tire. So does Donald Trump, Perry Como, Mrs. Nat King Cole...

The Hairy-Armed Hitchhiker
Watch out, Granny's got a hatchet!

Halloween Campus Massacre
From your About.com Guide: Psychic predicts that gruesome murders will take place on your college campus.

The Hare Dryer
Dead bunny rises from the grave with the help of a meddling neighbor.

The Hook
A teenager drove his date to Lovers' Lane for a make-out session before it was time to take her home. The place was very dark and deserted...

Humans Can Lick, Too
Home alone, but there's nothing to fear with your trusty dog keeping watch under the bed. Or is there?

Is John Dillinger's Preserved Willie on Display at the Smithsonian?
Dear Guide: I believe I read an article by Robert Anton Wilson a ways back regarding the Smithsonian or some D.C. museum housing private parts of famous people - John Dillinger, for example. Is there any truth to this folklore?

The Kangaroo Thief
Having had a bit too much to drink, a group of tourists bump into a kangaroo with their car. Assuming they have killed it, they decide to pose for pictures...

The Kidney Thieves
Rumors can spread like viruses, and are sometimes just as lethal. Case in point, The Kidney Thieves...

Killer in the Backseat
What you don't know can hurt you!

The Mistletoe Bough
Published circa 1830, the original ballad by Thomas Haynes Bayly and Sir Henry Bishop which probably served as the inspiration for later versions of "The Missing Bride"

NASA Confims Biblical Missing Day in Time
In which we are asked to believe that NASA scientists inadvertently proved that the biblical account of God causing the sun to stand still for a day is true.

'A New Twist on Kidnapping' (Flat Tire at the Mall)
A female shopper's gratefulness turns to horror when she discovers that the "good samaritan" who offered to fix her flat tire in the mall parking lot has a briefcase full of knives, rope and duct tape.

The Poodle in the Microwave
An elderly woman comes up with a novel way to dry off her soggy pet in a hurry. Don't try this at home!

The Purloined Penguin
In an unusual press conference held at Boston's New England Aquarium, officials assured the public that all of the aquarium's 61 penguins are present and accounted for, scotching a rampant rumor that a 12-year-old autistic boy had made off with one of the birds in his backpack.

Richard Gere and the Gerbil
I don't mean to sound cranky, but it's a fact that every time I meet someone and tell them I write about urban legends, the first question that pops out of their mouth is: "What about that thing with Richard Gere and the gerbil? Is THAT true?"

The Roommate's Death
Another dormitory horror story.

The Stuffed Baby
Proof that drug smugglers will stop at nothing to ply their evil trade.

Tommy Hilfiger: Racist?
Did the hippest fashion designer of the '80s really say those horrible things on Oprah Winfrey's show?

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