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The Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards: Honoring (posthumously, of course) those who have removed themselves from the gene pool in the most spectacular or humiliating manner. Some of these stories are true, some false; all reveal human nature at its most bizarre.

About the Darwin Awards: Survival of the Silliest
Dear Urban Legends: What truth is there behind these "Darwin Award" winners? I never seem to read anywhere else about these awards for human stupidity except via email.

About the Darwin Awards: They Coulda Been a Condender
From Salon.com: An amusing history of the awards, plus a selection of favorite Darwin nominees of years past.

The Darwin Awards (Official Site)
A "fittest survivor" in its own right, this site -- the only "official" Darwin Awards home page left standing -- has burgeoned into a bottomless treasure trove of hilarity. In addition to the yearly Darwin Award winners, the site includes standout stories in the "Stupidity" and "Urban Legends" categories. Not to be missed!

Darwin Awards: History and Rules
"We applaud those who selflessly make the ultimate sacrifice: killing themselves by way of extraordinarily stupid means."

Darwin Award Winners - 2010
"Barrel Ride, with Flames," "Wheelchair Access," "Carbideschieten," "Teeming with Crocodiles," and more.

Darwin Award Winners - 2009
"Sparkleberry Lane," "Dying To Go," "Crushing Debt," "Saw It Coming," "Tennessee Pee," and more.

Darwin Award Winners - 2008
"Priest Visits Boss (Balloon Priest), "A One Track Mind," "Merry Pranksters," "Rub the Mint," and more.

Darwin Award Winners - 2007
"Crutch, Meet Crotch," "The Enema Within, "Pushmi-Pullyu," "Falling in Love," and more.

Darwin Award Winners - 2006
"Modern Armor," "Sudden Stop," "Stubbed Out," "Hammer of Doom," and more.

Darwin Award Winners - 2005
"Chimney Cleaning Grenade," "Freeway Dangler," "Plug Me In," "Failed Frame-Up," "Surprise Attack Surprise," etc.

Darwin Award Winners - 2004
Top stories in 2004: "Spy vs. Self," "Rutting Contest," "Man Drowns in Kitchen Sink," and "Do-It-Yourself Land Mine."

Darwin Award Winners - 2003
"Love Struck," "Tree Hard, Head Empty," "Cock Fight," "Killer Shades," "Hurricane Blumpkin," and lots more.

Darwin Award Winners - 2002
Including: "Faulty Aim Fatal," "Firecracker Chainsaw Massacre," "Bees 1, Humans 0," "Booby Traps Trap Boob."

Darwin Award Winners - 2001
Killer sheep, rogue jet skis and fatal stalactites become agents of self-destruction in 2001's roster of horror stories.

Darwin Award Winners - 2000
"The Human Popsicle," "Forklift Safety Video," "The Daily Grind," and more.

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