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National Kill a Pit Bull Day?


As posted on Facebook, Sep. 8, 2013:
National Kill a Pit Bull Day

Netlore Archive: Viral notices claim October 31 (Halloween) has been declared National Kill a Pit Bull Day.

Via Facebook

Description: Online rumor / Hoax
Circulating since: Sep. 2012
Status: False (see details below)

Full text:
As posted on Facebook, Sep. 8, 2013:


Don't plan on your four legged friends walking around with you on Halloween this year.


October 31 (Halloween Night) is trying to become National "Kill a Pit Bull Day"

Not only is Pit Bulls part of this "Holiday". Any breed is fair game. Especially, any look alike breeds.

Terry Jordan - Yesterday
I'm here by announcing October 31 National kill a pitbull day. After you take the kids trick or treating keep your costume on round up some friends and kill as many pitbulls as you can before midnight. Baseball bats, knives, bricks and poisons (a hotdog soaked in radiator fluid works well) are all suitable tools. Their owners like brag about there high threshold for pain. So don't worry them suffering they can take it. So remember to spread the word!

Please feel free to scan to spread the awareness.

Analysis: This is a hoax. No one has designated October 31st "National Kill a Pit Bull Day," nor is anyone seriously calling for violence against pit bulls or any other animals on Halloween.

The flier above was created in September 2012 (note the date on the flier itself) by person(s) unknown, evidently as a prank. It quotes a bogus text message attributed to Terry Jordan, a Slater, Missouri city councilman who had been instrumental in drafting a vicious animal ordinance the year before, incurring the wrath of local dog owners in the process. Jordan disavowed the fabricated text as soon as it surfaced and issued statements condemning its violent message. "I am not this person," he told the Marshall Democrat-News last September. "I don't want to see anybody hurt dogs or people."

We still don't know who was responsible for the original prank.

Longstanding rumors of an increase in animal abuse on Halloween night — including purported instances of the "ritual abuse" of black cats by "Satanists" — have proven to be largely unfounded over the years, but veterinarians and animal advocacy groups still recommend keeping pets indoors for their own safety.

A Veterinarian's Halloween Safety Tips for Pets
A Quick Guide to the Origin & History of Halloween

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Last updated 10/26/13

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