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Facebook Rumors & Hoaxes

A comprehensive listing of rumors and hoaxes on and/or about the social networking service Facebook.

5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays in July
A version of the "Money Bags" chain letter. Supposedly a phenomenon that only occurs once every 823 years, July 2011 had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays.

'16 People Confirmed Dead in Roller Coaster Accident' Video
Scam postings offer CCTV video footage of a roller coaster accident at Universal Studios in Florida in which 16 people supposedly died.

14-Year-Old Boy Shot 6 Times by Stepfather
Text accompanying viral image of a 14-year-old boy allegedly "shot 6 times" or "beaten half dead" by his stepfather claims Facebook will donate 45 cents to defray medical expenses every time the posting is shared.

52 Thoroughbred Horses Need Homes
Viral posting claims 52 unwanted thoroughbred horses will be slaughtered unless people volunteer to give them homes.

'800-Pound Snake Pulled Out of Lake in Chicago' Video
Don't click on scam posts promoting a video about an 800-pound snake supposedly found in Chicago. You'll regret it.

100 Facebook Shares Help Boy Get Free Heart Transplant?
Viral postings claim a little boy will receive a free heart transplant if a photo of him is shared 100 times on Facebook.

'Actual Footage of Missile Fired at Malaysian Airliner MH17' Video
Beware of social media posts linking to a video of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 being shot down by a missile fired by pro-Russian separatists.

Amber Alert: Grey Car Plate #72B 381
Recurring hoax claims a 3-year-old child was abducted by a man driving a grey car, Quebec license plate #72B 381 (or Q72B381).

Amber Alert: Nijaey Hilton
Viral alerts urge assistance finding 5-year-old Nijaey Hilton, who was reported missing from her East Harlem, New York City apartment on Dec. 3, 2013.

Amy Bruce Chain Letter
The sad, untrue story of 7-year-old lung cancer victim Amy Bruce — another "dying child" who doesn't really exist.

Audrin King Prayer Request
Circulating via Facebook and Twitter, a prayer request for 2-year-old "Audrin King" (actually Audri Kate King), who has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

'Baby Mermaid Birth Confirmed' Video
Social media blurbs promote a video supposedly confirming the birth of a baby mermaid. It's a clickjacking/survey scam.

Bitstrips App Is Secretly an NSA Trojan Horse
Online "news story" claims the popular social media app Bitstrips is actually an NSA Trojan horse designed to spy on you by tapping your Facebook feed and cell phone.

Bobby Roberts Hacker Warning
Viral alert warns users not to accept friend requests from Bobby Roberts, an alleged hacker.

Capri Sun Mold Warning
Viral image shows a glob of mold found in a pouch of Capri Sun fruit drink in Feb. 2013. Similar incidents have been reported before and since.

'Charlie Sheen Found Dead at Home' Clickjacking Scam
Links to a nonexistent video entitled "Charlie Sheen Found Dead at Home" have prompted the circulation of warnings that the links contain a "virus." Security experts say it's a clickjacking scam.

'Clarissa' Chain Letter
Chain letter tells the story of Clarissa, a little girl placed in a mental hospital for killing her mother and father.

Christmas Cards for Dalton Dingus
A chain letter requesting Christmas cards for 9-year-old Dalton Dingus, a terminally ill cystic fibrosis patient who hoped to set a Guinness World Record for most Christmas cards received.

Christmas Tree App Virus
Wall postings warn of a supposed "worst ever trojan-virus" circulating in the form of a Facebook application.

'Dead Mermaid Discovered in Florida' Video
Facebook blurbs purporting to link to a "shocking video" about a dead mermaid found in Florida are a clickjacking scam.

Derek Wyatt, Fallen Marine
Facebook status updates call for honoring fallen U.S. Marine Cpl. Derek Wyatt, who was killed in Afghanistan, leaving behind a wife and newborn son.

Diego Méndez Prayer Request
Prayer chain letter circulating via Facebook and Twitter requests prayers for Diego Mendez, a 5-year-old boy said to be critically injured when a TV set fell on his head.

Dog Park Alert: Nails in Cheese
Viral image purports to document a 'new trend' at dog parks, namely people leaving cheese and ham mixed with nails to cause injury and death to pets.

'Everyone's Phone Numbers Are Now on Facebook'
Viral wall postings claim Facebook has suddenly made all members' phone numbers accessible to the public.

Facebook Attempting to Ban Nativity Picture?
Viral wall posting claims Facebook is asking members to remove a picture of the nativity scene because it's "offensive."

Facebook to Start Charging a Monthly Fee
Online postings claim the social media website Facebook is about to start charging members a monthly fee for basic services.

Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic Fad Was Started by Pedophiles
Fast-spreading rumor claims the idea of replacing Facebook profile photos with pictures of cartoon characters was started by pedophiles.

Facebook Closed for Maintenance Feb. 29th to 31st
Prank posting says Facebook will be closed for maintenance on the nonexistent dates of Feb. 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2013.

Facebook Closing Down March 15th?
Viral post claims Facebook is closing down on March 15th due to overpopulation. Members who don't share the post to show they're still active will be "deleted."

Facebook 'Graph App' and Privacy
Viral postings claim Facebook's new 'graph app' (graph search) feature compromises members' privacy and will make all their photos, comments and likes visible to total strangers.

Facebook Jail
Viral postings advise Facebook members against clicking the "Not Now" button when receiving friend requests to avoid getting the requesting member banned.

Facebook Copyright Notice
Viral text containing legalese about privacy and copyright purports to protect Facebook members against use and distribution of their content.

Facebook Privacy Settings
Viral wall postings purport to explain steps Facebook members can take to protect the privacy of their comments and likes.

Facebook Deleting Inactive Users
Chain message circulating on Facebook claims the service is overpopulated and "unacceptably slow," so members must prove they're still active by reposting or forwarding the message to others.

Facebook Privacy Notice
Viral text purports to protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of Facebook members who copy and paste it to their walls.

Facebook Shutting Down on March 15, 2011
Online rumor claims Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the site will be shutting down on March 15, 2011.

Facebook 'Stalker' Apps
Scam messages and wall postings purport to offer an app that reveals who is "stalking" you or "creeping around your profile" on Facebook.

Facebook to Start Charging this Summer
Chain message claims Facebook plans on charging everyone but those who spread the message a fee for basic services beginning this summer.

Facebook Video Ads
Viral photo attributed to Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is considering video ads on member pages and offers users the opportunity to vote against them by sharing it with their friends.

Giant Snake Swallows Up a Zookeeper
Beware! Facebook blurb purporting to link to a video of a giant snake swallowing a zookeeper is actually a clickjacking scam.

Facebook Will End on May 15th, 2013
Viral "news story" claims Facebook will end on May 15, 2013 because founder Mark Zuckerberg finds managing the company too stressful.

'Giant Anaconda Swallows Up Zookeeper' Video
Scam posts promote a "shocking video" supposedly showing a giant anaconda swallowing up a zookeeper in South Africa.

'Ghost Caught on Tape!' Video
Viral wall postings advertise a "shocking video" purporting to show a ghost caught on tape. It's just another Facebook survey scam.

'Girl Killed Herself Live on Cam' Video
A clickjacking scam proliferating in the form of blurbs for a video of a girl who supposedly killed herself after her father saw her posing semi-nude on web cam.

Gerber Banana Baby Food Recall
Rumor claims jars of Gerber Banana Baby Food with 2012 expiration date should be returned because they may contain glass.

'Giraffe Challenge' Hacker Warning
Viral messages warn that participants in the "Giraffe Challenge" game who replaced their profile pics with giraffe photos are being hacked by members of Anonymous.

'Girl Who Killed Herself' Virus
Circulating on Facebook: warnings that wall postings about a girl who committed suicide contain a devastating computer virus.

'Hungry Bear Tear Women into Pieces' Video
Yet another clickjacking/survey scam, this time using a "shocking video" of a bear "tearing a woman into pieces" to lure users into filling out a survey form.

'Girl Killed Herself on Halloween' Scam
Scam Facebook postings tout video of a girl who supposedly killed herself on Halloween. Links redirect users to a survey page.

'Great White Shark Tears Captain Apart' Video
Social media blurbs tout video supposedly showing a great white shark attacking the captain of a fishing vessel.

Hackers Post Porn Movies in Members' Profiles
Viral wall posting claims hackers are gaining control of Facebook members' accounts and posting links to pornographic movies on their profile pages.

Head & Shoulders Shampoo Warning
Fake video supposedly reveals a hideous skin condition resulting from the use of Head & Shoulders Shampoo. It's a survey scam.

Harly A. Andrews Prayer Request
Prayer chain letter circulating via Facebook and Twitter requests prayers for Harly A. Andrews (also spelled Harley A. Andrews), a 5-year-old said to be in intensive care after being injured in an automobile accident.

Huge Plane Crashes Into Bridge
Beware! Facebook blurb purporting to link to a video of a huge plane crashing into a bridge is a clickjacking scam.

'Hijacker Video of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370'
Fake postings promote a video supposedly showing the hijacking of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on March 8, 2014.

'Shocking Accident on the Roller Coaster' Video
Circulating via social media, viral blurbs for a "shocking" video of a roller coaster accident.

'Malaysian Airlines Finally Found!' Video
Scam posts promote a nonexistent video supposedly showing the recovery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

'Invitation Facebook' Virus Warning
Viral alerts warn users to avoid opening messages with an attachment called 'INVITATION FACEBOOK' which supposedly contains a virus that opens an Olympic torch and "burns your hard drive."

Kayla Scott Prayer Request
Viral prayer request circulating on behalf of "Kayla Scott" (and several other names) claims a 22-month-old boy was critically injured while playing with a brad nailer (nail gun).

Linda Smith / Jason Lee / Amy Allen 'Virus' Warning
Hoax message circulating among Facebook users warns that accepting friend requests from members named Linda Smith, Jason Lee, Jason Allen, Amy Allen (and others) will cause a virus to be downloaded to your computer.

'Mermaid Found Inside a Shark' Video
Viral blurbs purport to link to a "rare, uncut video" showing a dead mermaid found inside a shark.

'Malaysian Plane Crash Is FOUND!' Video
Scam posts promote a nonexistent video supposedly showing the finding and recovery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370.

'Miley Cyrus Found Dead of Overdose' Video
This clickjacking scam is proliferating in the form of blurbs for a video claiming that Miley Cyrus died of a drug overdose in her Los Angeles home.

'Flight MH370 Found in Indian Ocean' Video
Social media clickjacking scam promotes a video supposedly showing the recovery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean.

'Malaysian Airlines Finally Found!' Video
Scam posts promote a nonexistent video supposedly showing the recovery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

'OMG She Ended Up in Emergency After Friends Did This' Video
Facebook clickjacking scam touts a video purporting to document a case of sexual assault by friends of the victim.

'Woman Fall Into Polar Bear Pit' Video
Rogue app cons users into clicking on blurbs for a video of a woman who supposedly fell into a polar bear pit at a zoo and was mauled.

'Missing Airlines MH370 of Malaysia Is Foung' Video
Viral Facebook posts purport to link to a CNN "breaking news" video saying that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has been found 850km away.

Missing Child: Kelsie Lee
12-year-old Kelsie Lee of Peachtree Corners, Georgia was reported missing for a brief time but has been found and is now home safe and sound.

'Mysterious Malaysia Plane Finally Found!' Video
Viral postings tout "news video" claiming that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been found and passengers may be alive.

Photo Tagging 'Virus'
A "new" viral message warns Facebook users of a virus supposedly transmitted when you receive a notification that you've been tagged in a picture and click on a link to see it.

Profile Hacker Warning
Viral rumor warns that hackers are stealing profile pictures to create fake Facebook accounts and impersonate other members.

'Scariest Snake Ever!' Video
Clickjacking scam: Viral ads tout a "shocking video" purportedly showing the largest, scariest snake ever discovered.

Share to Help Save Baby with Cancer
According to wall postings, members can help save a kid with eye cancer by sharing the message, for which Facebook will pay one dollar per share.

'Shocking Accident on the Roller Coaster' Video
Circulating via social media, viral blurbs for a "shocking" video of a roller coaster accident.

Smartphone Pictures Pose Privacy Risks
Viral warnings say photos taken with smartphones pose a privacy and safety risk, particularly for children, because geographical location (geotagging) information may be embedded in the images.

Spongebob Squarepants Cancelled
Online rumor claims Spongebob Squarepants will be cancelled by the Nickelodeon network as of January 28, 2014.

'Spider Growing Under Skin' Clickjacking Scam
Phoney status updates purport to link to a video showing a spider growing under someone's skin. It's actually a self-replicating survey scam.

Starbucks Gift Card Scam
Scam wall postings promise free Starbucks gift cards to users who share the offer with friends.

'Teen Died Immediately After Friends Did This' Video
Scam postings purport to link to a video of a teen girl who died after being raped by friends.

Switch to Pink, Gold, Black or Red Profile Color
Wall posts offering Facebook members a "Limited Time!" opportunity to change their profile to include a gold, black, pink, or red logo are a scam designed to redirect traffic to online survey sites

'Unidentified Sea Monster' Video
Viral Facebook blurb purports to offer an "amazing video" showing the discovery of an unidentified sea monster.

'This Baby Has Cancer' Hoax
Viral posting claims Facebook will donate $1 to defray the medical costs of a baby with cancer every time it's shared.

Tim Hortons Gift Card Scam
Scam wall postings promise free Tim Hortons gift cards to users who share the offer with friends.

Tipsy Tow
Viral postings tout a New Year's Eve service provided by AAA called "Tipsy Tow," a free alternative to drinking and driving.

'Tsunami Whale Video' Clickjacking Scam
Beware of Wall postings inviting you to view a "graphic video" of a whale smashed against a building by the March 11 tsunami in Japan.

'Worst Roller Coaster Accident' Video (Clickjacking Scam)
Viral Facebook blurb purports to offer a video clip showing a deadly rollercoaster accident in Sydney, Australia

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