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'Baby Mermaid Birth Confirmed!' Video


As shared on Facebook, Feb. 11, 2014:
Baby Mermaid Birth Confirmed

Netlore Archive: Social media blurbs promote a video supposedly confirming the birth of a baby mermaid. It's a scam.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral wall postings
Circulating since: Feb. 2014
Status: SCAM

Analysis: Attention Facebook and Twitter users, beware lurid posts touting a video entitled "Baby Mermaid Birth Confirmed!" Users who click on links in these posts are redirected to a phony Facebook page, where they are then asked to share the video before viewing it. Don't take the bait! Even after you've spammed your friends by clicking the Share button, you'll never actually be allowed to see the promised video (if it even exists). Instead, you'll be directed to fill out a survey form -- generating some nice revenue for the scammers -- and possibly exposed to a malware attack in the process.

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Last updated 02/11/14

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