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Facebook Donations for Infant Burn Victim


"Facebook is donating $3 for every share, a dollar for every like"
Facebook is donating $3 for every share, a dollar for every like

Netlore Archive: Circulating via social media, a viral appeal to share a photo of an infant burn victim to whom Facebook will allegedly donate $3 per online share, or $1 per "like."

Image source: unknown, circulating via social media

Description: Online hoax / Medical appeal
Circulating since: Aug. 2005
Status: Real photo / False description (see details below)

Text example:
As posted on Facebook, April 5, 2012:

Face book is donateing 3$ for every share.. A doller for every like.. Come on people it takes a few seconds of your time!

Analysis: Don't believe it, and for heaven's sake don't share it. Facebook is rife with what have come to be called "baby charity scams," all of which claim that Facebook or some other organization will donate X amount of money to a sick or dying child each time the posting is shared or "liked." Without exception, they're hoaxes. Facebook doesn't condone or participate in such schemes. No reputable companies do.

The photo in this particular example is authentic and dates from 2005, when it circulated as an attachment to a chain email pledging a (bogus) 3-cent donation on behalf of a (real) injured child named Alexandra ("Ola" or "Olenka") Kuczma for each time the message was forwarded. Fourteen-month-old Kuczma was critically burned in 2005 when a fire broke out in her family's home in southern Poland. She is now (as of this writing) seven years old.

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Last updated 04/11/12

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