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Facebook Hoax: Help Save Baby with Cancer


"He Has Cancer"
Help Save This Baby with Eye Cancer

Wall postings urge members to replicate a message for which Facebook will allegedly pay one dollar every time it's shared to help save a child with eye cancer.

Example of Facebook post

Description: Hoax
Circulating since: Jan. 2012
Status: False (see details below)

Text example:

He has cancer, Facebook will donate 1 dollar for ever SHARE. Hit SHARE button ♥ show your support ..♥ ;'(

Also join this event :'( please

Analysis: This is a blatant hoax. Several different versions exist, all using the same photograph of an unknown child from an unknown source. Like similar come-ons that have circulated on the Internet forever, the various texts claim that some company or organization — in this case Facebook itself — will donate money to a worthy cause (such as a sick child) every time the message is forwarded, shared, or "liked." These claims are never true.

In the news:
ZDNet: Facebook Removes Sick Baby Hoaxes, Urges Users to Report More

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Last updated 02/08/12

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