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'Hungry Bear Tear Women into Pieces' Video


As shared on Facebook, Feb. 18, 2014:
Hungry Bear Tear Women into Pieces in Few Seconds

Netlore Archive: Social media blurbs for a video supposedly showing a hungry bear "tearing a woman into pieces" are a scam.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral wall postings
Circulating since: Feb. 2014
Status: SCAM (see details below)

Text example: As shared on Facebook, Feb. 18, 2014:

[SHOCKING VIDEO] Hungry Bear Tear Women into Pieces in Few Seconds
Peoples did not saved her and keep filming
the footage

Analysis: This is but one example of a social media clickjacking scam. It works by luring users into attempting to view a "shocking video" which, in the end, doesn't exist. Those who try are shunted to an external website where they're instructed to share the video, then take an online survey. Every time someone follows those instructions, the scammers make money.

Sometimes users are also offered links to "security" or "antivirus" software which in fact is probably malware designed to steal that user's personal information, compromise their social media account, and/or infect their computer with a Trojan horse virus.

If one of these blurbs turns up on your newsfeed, it means someone on your friends list attempted to view the video and shared it as instructed. Don't be suckered into doing the same. Think before you click.

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Last updated 02/18/14

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