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SCAM: 'Mermaid Found Inside a Shark' Video


As shared on Facebook, April 14, 2014:
Uncut Video - Rare! Mermaid Found Inside a Shark!

Netlore Archive: Viral social media blurbs promote a 'rare, uncut video' supposedly showing the carcass of a mermaid found inside a shark.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral postings
Circulating since: April 2014
Status: SCAM (see details below)

Analysis: As in previous examples of Facebook clickjacking scams, users who click on the link to view the advertised "Mermaid Found Inside a Shark" video are redirected to an external site -- in this case, a bogus YouTube page -- and asked to share the video before viewing it (which is how the scam spreads). In most cases users are then asked to take an online survey (for which the scammers are paid by a third party) or are redirected to some other promotional site to exploit users' page views. In some cases, malicious software may be downloaded to the victim's computer.

More often than not the promised video doesn't exist, though in this case after jumping through all the scammer's hoops users may find themselves viewing an actual video consisting of years-old footage of a fake dead mermaid supposedly found washed up on a beach.

Stop and think before clicking, and especially before sharing suspicious links with your friends.

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Last updated 04/14/14

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