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Missing Child: Nijaey Hilton


As shared on Facebook, Dec. 7, 2013:
Nijaey Hilton Amber Alert

Netlore Archive: Viral alerts urge assistance finding 5-year-old Nijaey Hilton, who was reported missing from her East Harlem, New York City apartment on Dec. 3, 2013.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral message
Circulating since: Dec. 3, 2013
Status: TRUE / OUTDATED (see details below)

Text example:
As shared on Facebook, Dec. 7, 2013:

!!AMBER ALERT!! 5 year old nijaey is missing from the NYC area please take your time to repost this photo and if you see her take her to the nearest precinct!! All it takes is 2 minutes repost guys you would want someone to do it for your little girl!! I pray she is well and brought home soon! Repost

Analysis: According to local news sources including the New York Daily News, five-year-old East Harlem resident Nijaey Hilton was home safe and sound the day after she was reported missing on December 3, 2013. Police found her in the company of her uncle outside the Apollo Theater on West 125th Street on December 4. At last report the uncle, Ramel Robinson of Queens, was being held without bail for allegedly abducting the child.

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Sources and further reading:

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Uncle Who Kidnapped Harlem Girl Needs Help, Not Jail, Grandmother Says
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Queens Man Held Without Bail After Court Appearance for Allegedly Kidnapping Niece
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Last updated 12/07/13

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