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FACEBOOK SCAM: 'OMG She Ended Up in Emergency After Friends Did This' Video


Example of the scam as shared on Facebook, April 7, 2014:
OMG She ended up in emergency after Friends did this forcefully with her

Netlore Archive: Facebook clickjacking scam touts a video purporting to document the case of a woman who ended up in the emergency room after being sexually assaulted by friends.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral wall postings
Circulating since: April 2014
Status: SCAM

Analysis: Social media clickjacking scams lure users by promising access to lurid and shocking content which, most of the time, doesn't even exist. Those who click on the links in these blurbs are typically redirected to pages where they're asked to share and/or like the content before viewing it.

Those who comply are then typically asked to take an online survey, which is how the perpetrators of the scam generate revenue for themselves. It's a classic bait and switch.

Worst case scenario, careless users may expose themselves to malware attacks (one should be especially wary of links offering downloadable software of any kind) and end up with their account and/or network security compromised. Think twice before you click.

See resources below for more info on identifying and protecting yourself from online clickjacking and survey scams.

Test your BS detector:
Hoax Quiz: Can YOU Spot the Fakes?

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Facecrooks.com, 6 February 2011

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Last updated 04/07/14

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