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Photo Fakery: Hoax Photos and Viral Images

Photo Hoaxes: Okay, a few of the credulity-stretching images and videos featured in this category aren't fakes -- some are authentic -- but most, you'll find, are demonstrably bogus, altered, or at the very least misrepresented. We've done our best to separate the real from the fake.
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  2. Fashion (5)
  3. Food and Beverages (8)
  4. Funny (7)
  5. Gross (13)
  6. Man-Made Wonders (27)
  7. Medical (5)
  8. Mishaps / Disasters (14)
  9. Natural Wonders (24)
  10. Sex and Scandal (4)
  11. Social / Political (45)
  12. Supernatural Wonders (16)

Quiz: Can YOU Spot the Fakes?
Take the UL Image Quiz and test your ability to tell hoax photos from real ones.

The Urban Legends Slide Show
100+ weird, wacky images -- some real, some fake, some persistently enigmatic -- as circulated online.

Gallery: Crazy Critters
A gallery of viral images depicting animals in a variety of credulity-stretching contexts: giant house pets, wayward predators, albino wildlife, and more. Some of these photos are authentic, others are hoaxes. See if you can tell which is which...

Gallery: Farces of Nature
A gallery of viral images depicting natural disasters and other astonishing phenomena that often seem more supernatural than natural. That's because many of these photographs are fake, of course, or at the very least circulating under false pretenses. You may be surprised in some cases at which photos are actually authentic. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

Gallery: Gross Pictures
A gallery of viral images notable for their 'Ick!' factor. Some of these 'gross pictures' are authentic, others are fakes. As you'll see, it's not always obvious which is which!

9/11 Tear Drop Memorial
Authentic: Emailed photos of the 'Tear Drop Memorial' designed by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli to commemorate the victims of 9/11.

The 9/11 Tourist Guy
A snapshot purportedly taken atop one of the World Trade Center twin towers seconds before the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

The 9/11 Tourist Guy - Parodies
Parodies of the infamous 'tourist guy' photo, a hoax circulating in the wake of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001

412-Pound Deer Killed
Emailed photos allegedly show a 412-pound deer killed by a hunter in Clarion County, Pennsylvania (or in Nebraska -- take your pick).

800-Pound Razorback Hog Killed in Arkansas
Emailed photo shows a hunter posing beside a dead razorback hog purportedly 8 feet long and weighing 800 lbs.

1954 Mock-Up of 'Home Computer'
Emailed image allegedly taken from a 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics shows the RAND Corporation's conception of what a home computer would look like in 2004.

Abandoned Black Lab Puppies Need a Home
September 2007 email flier of indeterminate origin purports to seek a home for six abandoned black lab mix puppies.

ACLU vs. Crosses on Federal Property
Is the American Civil Liberties Union against displaying crosses on federal property? (W/photo of veterans' cemetery.)

ACLU Objects to Marines Praying
Has the ACLU raised objections to U.S. service personnel praying based on a photo showing a group of Marines with bowed heads?

Air Force Jets Fly in 'USA' Formation
Photo purports to show a Veterans Day flyby of T-38 Talon jet fighters in a formation spelling out 'USA' over the "Taj Mahal" building at Randolph Air Force Base.

Air France Flight 447 Plane Crash
Emailed photos purportedly taken inside the passenger cabin of A330 Air France Flight 447 moments before it broke up over the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 (originally circulated as photos of Gol Airlines Flight 1907 after mid-air collision in 2006).

Alligator with Deer in Its Mouth on Cross Lake
Emailed photos purportedly taken at Cross Lake, Louisiana show a gator moving through the water with a full-grown deer in its mouth.

Amazing 3-D Street Paintings
Emailed photos show remarkably realistic three-dimensional street and sidewalk paintings. Are they real?

Amazing Farm Music Machine (Video)
Emailed video of an "amazing music machine" allegedly manufactured out of farm equipment parts at the University of Iowa.

Amazing Photo of Montana Fires (2000)
This photo of two elk cows surrounded by an awesome conflagration is authentic, snapped on a digital camera by U.S. Forest Service fire behavior analyst John McColgan on August 6, 2000.

Amazing Rooftop Helicopter Landing
Authentic emailed image of a U.S. military helicopter accomplishing a precarious rooftop landing and pick-up in Afghanistan.

American Flag vs. Mexican Flag
Authentic emailed images show Hispanic high school students in California demonstrating against proposed immigration legislation by hoisting a Mexican flag above an upside-down American flag.

Animal-Human Hybrid?
Circulating via email, an unsettling photograph of what appears to be a half-human, half-animal creature suckling her hybrid offspring.

Arizona Billboard vs. Illegal Immigrants
Forwarded image purports to show a billboard near Phoenix, Arizona inviting illegal immigrants to go to Los Angeles instead.

Atlanta Restaurant Closed for Serving Rats, Mice, etc. as Food
Email hoax claims an "Asian/Chinese" restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia was recently closed by authorities for offering dishes made of rats, mice, kittens and puppies.

Barack Obama on the Phone
Emailed photo shows presidential candidate Barack Obama speaking on the phone while apparently holding the receiver upside-down.

Bear vs. Combine
Emailed photos taken in a cornfield in Illinois, Minnesota, or Wisconsin (depending on version) show a black bear awakened from hibernation by a combine harvester.

Beer Can Townhouse
Emailed photos show a rental townhouse in Ogden, Utah every room of which is piled high from floor to ceiling with empty beer cans.

Black and White Twins
Emailed images show a pair of twin sisters - one black, the other white - born to a British couple who both had mixed-race parents.

The Black Patch
Emailed photo shows a U.S. soldier wearing a black patch which reads 'Doing the work of...' above the flags of France, Germany and Russia.

Blackout 2003
Emailed photo purports to show a satellite view of the 2003 blackout of the northeastern United States.

Brain Maggots / Sushi Worms
Disturbing images of what appears to be a worm infestation of a live human brain are circulating attached to two completely different stories, both of which are terrifying, but false.

Breast Infestation
Emailed image and video purport to document the medical case of anthropologist Susan McKinley, who failed to seek treatment for a rash and wound up with an infestation of larvae in her breast.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Emailed photos purport to show the progressive deterioration of a wound caused by the bite of a brown recluse spider.

Bungee Jumper vs. Crocodile
Emailed video of a grizzly encounter between a bungee jumper and the crocodile awaiting him in the river below.

Bush Jr. and Bush Sr. Fishing in Flooded New Orleans
Emailed photo purports to show President Bush and his father nonchalantly fishing in the flooded streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Calico Buck
Emailed photos purport to show a 'calico buck' shot by a hunter somewhere in Wisconsin (or Michigan, Arkansas, West Virginia, or Georgia, depending on version).

The Capture of Saddam Hussein
Emailed photos not released by the U.S. government show the December 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein in Tikrit, Iraq. They appear to be genuine.

Card Trick: I Can Read Your Mind!
Here is a well-traveled card trick/mindreading illusion that has popped up again and again on the Internet, even circulating in the form of a PowerPoint presentation purporting to be (although it almost certainly is not) the work of renowned stage magician David Copperfield.

Cash Seized in Mexican Drug Raid
Authentic: Emailed photos show a huge cache of money totalling $207 million seized from Mexican drug dealers in 2007.

Catfish Bites Basketball
Emailed photos purport to show a flathead catfish with a child's basketball stuck in its mouth.

Cell Phone Guns
According to this email flier and attached video, law enforcement officials have discovered .22 caliber guns disguised as cell phones being smuggled into western Europe from Croatia.

Christian the Lion (Video)
Viral video tells the true, heartwarming tale of the reunion between Christian the Lion and the two men who adopted him as a cub in the 1970s.

Christmas at Arlington Cemetery
Authentic: Emailed images show Christmas wreaths adorning the headstones of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

Christmas House (Video)
Amazing - and real - video of a suburban house decorated with animated Christmas lights synchronized to music.

Cook County Correctional Center
Emailed photos purportedly show the stylish and comfortable new digs of prison inmates in Chicago's Cook County Correctional Center.

Corset Piercings: New Summer Trend?
Emailed photos purportedly depicting 'new summer trends' show women with symmetrical rows of skin-piercings on their torsos laced up like old-fashioned corsets.

Cougar on the Porch!
Authentic / Mislabeled: Emailed photos taken through a screen door show a cougar (mountain lion) prowling the porch or patio of someone's home.

Crocodile Eats Golfer
Little did the Palm Beach golfer realize as he tramped off alone to the seventh hole that he was about to become Ol' Mose's last meal.

Crooked House
Emailed pictures of a "crazy architectural structure" that really exists in Sopot, Poland. It's called "the Crooked House."

Dead Frog Found in Can of Kroger Peas
(NOT a hoax!) Irate consumer complains in forwarded email about finding a tiny dead frog inside a can of Kroger peas. With revolting photo documentation...

Dead Mermaid Found in the Philippines
Emailed pictures purportedly show the carcass of a dead mermaid caught by a fisherman in the Philippines.

Deep-Sea Creatures Washed Up on Phuket by Tsunami
Set of emailed images purports to show rare deep-sea creatures washed up on the beaches of Phuket, Thailand by the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004.

Deer on a Pole
Emailed photos document the discovery of a dead deer high atop a power pole in a remote area of Baltimore (or Winnipeg, Manitoba, depending on version).

Do They Eat Babies in China?
Photos circulated on the Internet seem to prove that human infants are eaten in China. Are they real? (Not for the faint of heart!)

Doctors Find Live Worm in Patient's Eye (Photos)
Revolting photos show the surgical removal of a live worm from the eye of an unfortunate patient who purportedly contracted the parasite from ordinary house dust.

Dog for Sale
Viral email touts humongous dog for sale: "Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more thieves, murderers, rapists or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat..."

Dog Starved in the Name of Art?
Forwarded email urges recipients to sign a petition preventing artist "Habacuc" Guillermo Vargas (aka "Habakkuk") from participating in the Central American Biennial of Art because he created an exhibition in which a stray dog was allegedly starved to death in the name of art. Attached photos appear to be authentic.

Doomsday on a $20 Bill
Can images "commemorating" the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of last September 11 be seen on a properly folded U.S. $20 bill?

Dubai Ski Resort
True: Emailed images chronicle the completion of a massive indoor ski resort built on desert sands in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Elephant Paints Self-Portrait (Video)
Viral video appears to show an elephant painting a "self-portrait" unguided by human hands.

Even Rocks Pray
In this emailed image, a rock formation and its reflection in a body of water resemble a mother and child praying.

'Found Photos' of Pearl Harbor Attack
Emailed photos of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor were purportedly discovered on a roll of film from an old Kodak Brownie camera.

Young Frances Bavier (Aunt Bea on The Andy Griffith Show)
Viral image purportedly shows the young Frances Bavier (the actress who played Aunt Bea on the Andy Griffith Show) as a pin-up model.

Freaky Fish Found on a Tampa Bay Beach
Emailed photos show the carcass of a very strange fish with monstrous teeth allegedly washed up on a beach in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Frozen Wave
Authentic/Mislabeled: Emailed photos purport to show a "frozen wave" or "ice wave" frozen in mid-air by sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica, Lake Huron, or Lake Michigan, depending on version.

Fw: Thought Your Shoes Were Uncomfortable?
Emailed photos of extremely uncomfortable-looking high-heel and platform shoes, allegedly the "latest fashions" from Japan and Italy.

George W. Bush 'Miss Me Yet?' Billboard
TRUE: Mysterious billboard sighted off Highway I-35 near Wyoming, Minnesota features a picture of George W. Bush with the slogan "Miss Me Yet?"

The Ghost of the Sundarbans
Emailed photo allegedly shows a ghost standing next to a tourist visiting the Sundarbans in southwest Bangladesh. Two days later, the tourist died of a heart attack. Coincidence?

The Ghost Under the Bed
Email chain letter claims that a ghost depicted in the attached image will "collect your soul" if you don't forward it to at least five people.

Giant Cat #1
Direct from our inbox, the email tale of an 87-pound housecat named "Snowball."  You won't believe the photo!

Giant Cat #2
Despite its resemblance to the infamous "mutant cat" hoax above, this 2004 image appears to be authentic.

Giant Catfish Caught in Lake Texoma, TX
Emailed photo - apparently real - of a huge, 140-pound catfish supposedly caught in Lake Texoma, Texas.

Giant Coconut Crab
Apparently authentic: Emailed photos of gargantuan specimens of Birgus latro - the coconut crab, named for its preferred diet of fallen coconuts and said to be the world's largest land-dwelling arthropod.

Giant Gator Bagged in Texas (or Florida)
Emailed image of a large alligator allegedly shot in Texas or Florida (depending on version) by a game warden named Joe Goff.

The Giant Grizzly Bear
Are emailed pictures of a giant, 1,600-pound, man-eating grizzly bear allegedly killed in Alaska by a hunter or Forest Service employee real?

Giant Human Skeletons in Greece
Hoax images purport to show skeletons of giant human beings (Nephilim or Canaanites) allegedly found in an archaeological dig in Greece.

Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in Arabian Desert
"Recent gas exploration activity in the southeast region of the Arabian desert uncovered a skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal size."

Giant Wild Boar Shot in Conroe, Texas
Mislabeled: Emailed photos of a gigantic, 1,800-pound wild boar allegedly shot and killed in Conroe, Texas by a radiology technician.

GOL 737 Mid-Air Accident in Brazil
Emailed photographs purportedly taken inside the passenger cabin of GOL Airlines flight 1907 seconds after the Boeing 737's fatal collison with another aircraft on Sept. 29, 2006.

GPS Used to Create U.S. Map Corn Maze
Authentic: Emailed image shows a corn maze carved in the shape of a United States map with the aid of a GPS unit and a laptop computer.

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Artist's rendering of a 70-foot glass-bottomed skywalk being built over the rim of the Grand Canyon in the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Green, Green Grass from Home
Emailed image purporting to show a U.S. soldier in Iraq tending a small plot of grass grown from seeds sent by his wife back home.

G.W. Bush Visit to Ft. Hood
Circulating via email, a photo of George W. Bush and Laura Bush visiting a victim of the Ft. Hood shootings. Accompanying text says the visit was impromptu and President Obama asked the Bushes to leave.

Hand of Hope
TRUE: Emailed photo shows the hand of a 21-week-old fetus, Samuel Alexander Armas, grasping the finger of a surgeon performing a prenatal operation.

The Hands of God
Emailed image purports to show the 'hands of God' in a cloud formation associated with 2004's Hurricane Charley.

Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds
Authentic emailed images show several hummingbirds calmly feeding from a woman's outstretched hand.

Hercules the Liger
Authentic emailed photos of a 10-foot "liger" (a cross between a lion and a tiger) named Hercules.

Herman the Giant Bunny Rabbit
Authentic emailed image of a very large "German Giant" rabbit named Herman, held by his owner, Hans Wagner.

Highest Bridge in the World
Emailed image of the world's highest bridge, the Millau Viaduct in southern France.

Human Statue of Liberty
AUTHENTIC: Circulating via email, a vintage 1918 photograph by Mole & Thomas captures an aerial view of 18,000 enlisted men and officers forming a "Human Statue of Liberty."

Humpback Whale Rescued by Divers
Forwarded email recounts the true story of the rescue of a female humpback whale trapped in a web of crab lines in the Pacific Ocean near the Farallon Islands.

Hurricane Isabel Photo
Emailed image purports to show the approach of Hurricane Isabel at sea, September 2003.

Hurricane Katrina Pictures
Emailed images purport to show Hurricane Katrina approaching the Gulf Coast in August 2005.

Hurricane Lili Waterspouts
Eerie, dramatic photo circulating by email purports to show three massive waterspouts threatening a supply ship at sea as 2002's Hurricane Lili advanced toward the Louisiana coast.

Illegal Alien Smuggled Inside Dashboard of Car
The accompanying story is suspect, but emailed photos of a woman being smuggled into the U.S. crammed inside the dashboard of a vehicle are authentic.

'Illegal Super Highway' in AZ Sonoran Desert
Emailed photos show mounds of trash and debris left behind in a "rest area" used by illegal immigrants crossing the border between Mexico and Arizona.

Insulting Epitaph
Can you find the hidden, insulting message in this epitaph inscribed on a tombstone located in a Montreal cemetery?

Japanese Fashion Craze: Imitation See-Through Skirts!
In which we are asked to believe that Japanese women are proudly wearing skirts imprinted on the outside with trompe l'oeil panties.

Jet Aircraft Breaking the Sound Barrier
Authentic images circulating via email capture the formation of condensation clouds around jet aircraft flying near the speed of sound.

John Kerry Meets with Satanist Anton LaVey
'Newspaper clipping' circulating on the Internet purports to show a youthful John Kerry shaking hands with Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

Johnnie Cochran's Headstone
Circulating via email: a photo purporting to show the headstone of famed lawyer Johnnie Cochran. The inscription reads: "O.J. DID IT."

The Lion Cut
Actually, we think these photos of a "seriously pissed-off cat" just back from the groomer are real, but the accompanying story is too good to be true.

Lucky Truck Accident
TRUE: Emailed pictures show the denouement of a pickup truck accident in which the truck apparently crashed through a barricade, struck a culvert, flipped end over end, and landed upright mere inches from the edge of a deep ravine.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Site
Viral image purports to show wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

Man Keeps Dead Wife in Glass Coffee Table
According to this forwarded email, Arizona resident Jeff Green preserved the body of his dead wife Lucy in a specially-built glass coffee table, which is on display in his living room.

The Man on Page 602
Did the male model in an underwear spread for the 1975 Sears catalog show more, um, panache than was expected of him?

Man-Eating Catfish of Furong Reservoir
Emailed photos purport to show a giant, man-eating catfish caught in the Furong Reservoir of Huadu, China.

Marzipan Babies
Emailed images purportedly show tiny, realistic sculptures of human babies fashioned from marzipan paste.

McDonald's Sign: African Americans Must Pay $1.50 Transaction Fee
HOAX: Viral image shows a sign allegedly posted in a McDonald's restaurant stating that African-American patrons must pay an additional $1.50 transaction fee due to a recent string of robberies.

Merman / Mermaid Carcass Found on Beach
Emailed photos purportedly show the carcass of a merman (or mermaid) washed up on a beach variously said to be located in Venda, South Africa; Cebu, The Philippines; Malaysia; and Fort Desoto Beach, Florida.

MiG Jet Fighter Found Buried in Iraq
Emailed photos show U.S. forces uncovering a Russian MiG-25 Foxbat jet fighter found buried in sand in Iraq.

The Monster Crocodile of Pointe-Noire
Emailed photos of a huge crocodile fished from the sea in the port of Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo.

Moose Harnessed for Hauling Wood
Emailed image purportedly shows a full-grown 'work moose' being harnessed to haul wood in a logging operation.

Moose on a Wire
Emailed image shows an unfortunate moose accidentally strung up on power cables by a utility crew near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Mountain Lion Killed in West Va.
Emailed photos show an unusually large mountain lion (cougar) allegedly killed between Grantsville and Walker near Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Mouse Stuck in Printer Cartridge
Emailed images appear to document one of the more unusual causes of a printer jam - a mouse stuck in the printer's ink toner cartridge.

Mule Attacks Mountain Lion
Emailed photos purportedly show a mule attacking and killing a mountain lion in Arizona (or Wyoming, depending on version).

Mummified Fairy
Emailed images purport to show mummified remains of a fairy (or "butterfly man" or "moth man") discovered in the Derbyshire countryside of England.

Munich Parking Garage
Emailed images purportedly show a space-age automated parking garage constructed in a circular tower in Munich, Germany.

Muslim 'Religion of Peace Demonstration'
(Authentic/Mislabeled) Emailed photos show Muslims brandishing signs advocating violence against anyone who insults Islam at a purported 'Religion of Peace demonstration' in London.

The Mysterious Staircase
Emailed slideshow tells the story of a mysterious staircase at Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico and its miraculous construction by an unknown carpenter without the use of nails, glue, or central support.

NAACP Covers Statue of George Washington at MLK Day Event
Circulating via email: Snapshot taken at the NAACP's 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in Columbia, SC shows a wooden box covering a statue of George Washington in front of the state house.

Navy Seals (Photo)
Viral image purports to show a battle-ready team of Navy SEALs, fully armed and wearing skull masks.

Niagara Falls Frozen Over in 1911
Emailed photos purportedly taken in 1911 offer postcard views of Niagara Falls completely frozen over.

Painted Cats
Images circulating via email purport to show common housecats hand-painted in a variety of decorative colors and designs.

Parrot Flower
Circulating via email, authentic pictures of the rare parrot flower (Impatiens psittacina), which is native to northern Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and India and bears a remarkable resemblance to its avian namesake.

Personal Computer in a Pen
Based on an actual design by NEC, emailed images purport to show a "computer of the future," a full-featured PC comprising five slender objects the size and shape of ball-point pens.

Pink Dolphin
AUTHENTIC: Emailed pictures of an extremely rare albino dolphin with red eyes and pink skin taken on Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana.

Piranha on Steroids
Emailed pictures of fishermen holding a large fish with a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth, variously captioned: "Piranha on Steroids" or "World Record Piranha."

Pit Bull vs. Porcupine
Emailed images show the result of an unfortunate encounter between a "pit bull" and a porcupine.

Polar Bear Attack
Emailed photos authentically (and graphically) document injuries sustained by the survivor of a polar bear attack.

Polar Bear and Huskies at Play
Emailed images show a 1,200-pound polar bear playing with husky sled dogs in the sub-arctic wilderness of northern Canada.

Police Officer Pepper-Spraying a Child
This viral image purports to show a policeman spraying mace or pepper spray into the eyes of a young child.

Public Toilet Made of One-Way Glass
TRUE: Emailed photos show an outdoor public toilet with walls made entirely of one-way glass.

Puppy with a Heart
Authentic: Emailed photos show a chihuahua puppy born in Japan with a heart-shaped pattern in its coat.

The Queen and the Scottish Soldiers
Emailed image shows Queen Elizabeth of England sitting amidst a group of kilt-wearing Scottish soldiers, one of whom reveals a wee bit too much of his manhood.

Racist Obama Book Display at Barnes & Noble
Circulating via email, a photo taken of a window of the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Coral Gables, Florida featuring a display of Barack Obama books into which a book named 'Monkeys' has been inserted.

Red Cross Debit Card Photo Results in Fraud
According to this email tale, an AFP news photo containing a close-up of a Red Cross Debit Card issued to Hurricane Katrina victim Latesha Vinette instantly resulted in fraudulent charges on a massive scale.

Road Sign: 'Welcome to Kenya, Birthplace of Barack Obama'
Circulating via email, a photo purporting to show a highway sign in Kenya that reads "Welcome to Kenya, Birthplace of Barack Obama."

Restaurant Closed for Serving Rats, Mice, etc. as Food
Email hoax claims an "Asian/Chinese" restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia was recently closed by authorities for offering dishes made of rats, mice, kittens and puppies.

'Sandstorm from Hell' in Al Asad, Iraq
Emailed photos evidently snapped by a U.S. soldier document a 'sandstorm from hell' at Al Asad airbase in Iraq on April 26, 2005.

Sarah Palin in Bikini with Rifle
Emailed image purports to show Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin posing for a photo wearing an American-flag bikini and carrying a rifle.

Satellite Photos of Space Shuttle Explosion
These stunningly clear, close-up images purporting to show the Space Shuttle Columbia blowing up in orbit are circulating via email. Were they really taken by an Israeli spy satellite?

Shark Attacks Helicopter!
Dramatic still photo shows a great white shark lunging out of the water towards a diver dangling precariously from low-flying helicopter.

Shark Sneaks Up Behind Divers
Emailed image shows a massive shark looming behind two blissfully unaware scuba divers vacationing in Australia.

The Snake in the Computer
Has your computer ever hissed at you? Here's a tale, complete with shocking photos, of a woman who probably wishes she'd called Animal Control instead of Tech Support when her PC began making strange noises.

Snake vs. Electric Fence
Various tales, some taller than others, accompany these authentic images of a python who tangled with an electric fence and lost.

A Snake Fishes for Its Prey
Emailed image shows a very large snake (evidently a python) pulling its prey (evidently a wallaby, though some have labeled it a "cow") out of a body of water in Western Australia.

Snakes in a Potted Plant
Emailed photos purport to show a nest of baby copperhead snakes found in the bottom of a plastic flower pot purchased at a grocery store.

Snake Swallows Man!
This charming series of photographs purports to show a gigantic serpent killed and dissected in the process of swallowing a full-grown human being.

Square Watermelons
Authentic: Emailed pictures of square watermelons grown in special tempered glass cases by Japanese farmers.

Statue by Iraqi Artist 'Kalat' Pays Tribute to Slain U.S. Troops
Emailed photos show a memorial statue by Iraqi artist "Kalat" purportedly honoring the American troops who liberated his country.

Strange Boat
AUTHENTIC: Emailed images show a strange catamaran-like vessel consisting of a glass-walled cabin suspended over a pair of giant pontoons via tall, spidery legs.

Sun and Moon Seen from North Pole
Emailed image purportedly snapped at the North Pole in which the crescent moon appears to be many times larger than the setting sun.

Texas Oil Rig Twister
Emailed photo purportedly shows a huge nighttime tornado illuminated by a lightning bolt near an oil rig south of Ft. Stockton, Texas.

Texas Rattlesnake
Emailed picture of a giant rattlesnake killed in Texas, allegedly measuring 9 feet 1 inch in length and weighing 97 pounds.

Tiger Nurses Piglets
Emailed snapshots taken at a zoo show a mother tiger nursing a brood of piglets costumed in tiger skins.

Tow Truck Comedy of Errors
Photo vignette circulating via email shows a tow truck tumbling into the sea while attempting to salvage another tow truck that had already met the same fate while attempting to salvage a wrecked car.

Towboat Mishap
Remarkable photo vignette shows a river towboat colliding sideways with a bridge, rolling underneath it, and emerging intact on the other side.

Truck Art
Emailed images of purported examples of trompe l'oeil advertising on the side panels of truck trailers.

Tsunami Live Photos
Emailed images purportedly show people running for their lives as the Indian Ocean tsunami washes ashore on December 26, 2004.

UFO Hiding Behind a Cloud (Video)
Viral video of UFO emerging from behind a cloud and descending rapidly to earth in a bright, green fireball.

Tsunami Picture
Emailed image purports to show the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004 washing ashore on the Thai island of Phuket (or Indonesia, depending on version).

Wal-Mart Flip Flops Cause Skin Reaction
Emailed images show skin rash caused by Chinese-made rubber flip flops purchased at Wal-Mart.

Water Bridge Over Elbe River in Germany
Emailed photo of a "water bridge" over the Elbe River in Magdeburg, Germany.

A Whale of a Penis
Forwarded email accompanied by a photo purportedly depicting the penis of a blue whale claims that the male of that species produces over 400 gallons of sperm in a single mating session.

World's Tallest Woman
"The tallest woman in the world is from Holland. She is over 7'4" and weighs 320 pounds. BEFORE you open these, get your mental picture of what you'd think a woman with these kinds of numbers would look like..."

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