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Photo Shows Police Officer Pepper-Spraying a Child


As posted on Facebook, Oct. 22, 2011:
Police Officer Pepper-Spraying Kid

Netlore Archive: Viral image circulating on Facebook purports to show a policeman pepper-spraying a little girl.

Original photo credited to Peter Kirilos, O Globos (Rio de Janeiro)

Description: Viral image
Circulating since: March 2011
Status: Authentic

Text example:
As posted on Facebook, Oct. 22, 2011:

Look carefully, this is a photograph of a cop casually macing a child. Please share this ( especially US FB friends and let's get the SOB x

Analysis: Sadly, the photograph is real. It was taken on March 23, 2011 during a public protest in the city of Niterói, Brazil (part of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro) by Peter Kirilos of O Globo (The Globe), Rio's largest daily newspaper.

Publication of the image prompted an investigation by the state prosecutor, who filed a complaint in July denouncing the two military police officers involved, Captain Bruno Schorcht and soldier D'Angelo de Matos Pinel, and demanding their immediate suspension for abuse of authority.

Subsequent news reports stated that Captain Schorcht was "punished" for his actions by being transferred to another battalion and promoted to the rank of Major, but according to O Globo columnist Ancelmo Gois, Schorcht's name was "taken off the list" for promotion after the state prosecutor's complaint was filed.

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Last updated 10/22/11

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