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UFO Hiding Behind Cloud Video Is a Hoax


As shared on Facebook, March 18, 2014:
This Video Is Being Deleted All Over the Internet. Please Share

Netlore Archive: Viral video allegedly being "deleted" all over the Internet shows a UFO emerging from behind a cloud before plummeting to earth as a bright, green fireball.

Via Facebook

Description: Viral video / Hoax
Circulating since: Feb. 2011
Status: FAKE

Analysis: Contrary to what's being claimed in some quarters, this video is clearly not being "deleted all over the Internet" by unnamed government agencies who don't want its existence revealed. It has been posted and reposted thousands of times since its original upload in 2011 and can easily be found on numerous websites, including YouTube.

Shot outdoors with a handheld camera, the shaky, poor-quality video is meant to convey the impression that a UFO sighting in São Paulo, Brazil was spontaneously documented by freaked-out bystanders, but in fact it's a carefully crafted hoax created for an advertising campaign.

The video made international headlines after going viral in February 2011 but was instantly pooh-poohed by skeptics, including a video editing expert interviewed by the São Paulo TV station G1 who said that a frame-by-frame analysis revealed the use of special effects.

One of the creators of the video, Andre Angelico of Atitude Comunicação, a Brazilian marketing firm, subsequently admitted in an interview with BrazilTodayNews.com that it was conceived as a viral promotion for a pizza box manufacturer and was "unintentionally leaked" on the Internet.

UFO/Alien Sightings via About.com

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Last updated 03/18/14

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