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G.W. Bush Visit to Ft. Hood


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G.W. Bush Visit to Ft. Hood - Analysis

YOU HAVE just been treated to a step-by-step object lesson in how facts are distorted by politics.

As reported by Fox News and other sources, George W. and Laura Bush did drop by the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center on November 6, 2009 to visit soldiers wounded during the Ft. Hood shooting incident.

It's not true that the visit was unexpected, however, nor that the Bushes refused an escort when they arrived. Bush spokesman David Sherzer told FactCheck.org that Lt. Gen. Robert Cone had requested the visit, which was coordinated with the Secret Service and Army personnel. It lasted two hours, not six.

It's also "completely false," Sherzer was quoted as saying, that the White House asked Bush to leave.

Yet another falsehood disproven by contemporaneous news coverage is the claim that when Obama visited Ft. Hood on November 10 he "held a photo session in a gym and did not even go to the hospital." According to the Dallas Morning News President Obama and the First Lady did, in fact, go to the hospital and visit privately with the injured and their families before and after speaking at the public memorial service that afternoon.

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Last updated 03/27/10

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