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Ghost Stories

Ghost stories and folklore about death and dying. Creepy urban legends from both sides of the grave.
  1. 'True' Ghost Stories

The Amityville Horror
Hoax or horror? Troy Taylor attempts to sort fact from fiction in this classic haunted house tale featured in books and movies.

The Bell Witch
About's Paranormal Phenomena Guide looks into Tennessee's famed 19th century poltergeist.

Bloody Mary
Legend has it that if you stand in front of a mirror in a darkened room and chant 'Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary' several times, a terrifying ghost will appear.

Carmen Winstead
"They Pushed Her." Chain-letter-style Internet postings tell the story of Carmen Winstead, a 17-year-old girl supposedly pushed down a sewer and killed by a gang of girls at her school.

The Cat's Meow (The Ghost of Thomas Ince)
Release of the Peter Bogdanovich film The Cat's Meow brings back murmurings about the ghost of movie mogul Thomas Ince.

The Death of David Gregory
Chain letter circulating via social media claims a 16-year-old boy named David Gregory was found dead in a sewer after reading the message without reposting it.

The Driverless Car
A man hitchhiking on a dark and stormy night jumps in a stopped car, then realizes there's nobody in the driver's seat. Imagine his surprise when the vehicle starts moving and a disembodied arm reaches in through the window to steer!

Folktales of Death and Dying
An assortment of traditional folktales from around the world about the dying and dead, presented by D.L. Ashliman.

Ghost Cam
Creepy "video footage" appears to show a ghost moving through the storeroom of an unnamed building in an unnamed locale. Watch carefully!

The Ghost of the Sundarbans
Emailed image allegedly depicts a tourist visiting the Sundarbans in southwest Bangladesh two days before he mysteriously died of a heart attack...

The Ghost Under the Bed
Email chain letter claims that a ghost depicted in the attached image will "collect your soul" if you don't forward it to at least five people...

'I Am Teddy' Chain Letter
Chain letter warns recipients to share it with at least 12 people or they'll be murdered in their sleep by a dead 7-year-old named Teddy.

A Little Girl Called Clarissa
Chain letter tells the story of Clarissa, a little girl placed in a mental hospital for killing her mother and father.

The Malay Ghost
According to the accompanying tale, an emailed photo taken in an unnamed cemetery depicts the ghost of a Malaysian woman murdered by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

Phone Call of Death: 999-999-9999
Dear Urban Legends: I just got a call from 999-999-9999 on my cell phone. I called it back and got directory assistance, who say they can't call out. I looked it up on Google and there was reference to a movie that had a similar plot to The Ring, except you actually call the number and something horrible happens to you.

Skinned Tom
A man skinned alive long ago for cheating with another man's wife still haunts Lovers' Lane...

The Vanishing Hitchhiker
An unearthly hitchhiker from beyond the grave beseeches strangers to give her a ride home. Among the most enduring and widespread ghost stories in the world.

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