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Gross Pictures

Index to our collection of gross, disgusting pictures - some authentic, most not - currently circulating on the Internet. View at your own risk!

Brain Maggots / Sushi Worms
Disturbing images of what appears to be a worm infestation of a live human brain are circulating attached to two completely different stories, both of which are terrifying, but false.

Breast Infestation
Emailed image and video purport to document the medical case of anthropologist Susan McKinley, who failed to seek treatment for a rash and wound up with an infestation of larvae in her breast.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Emailed photos purport to show the progressive deterioration of a wound caused by the bite of a brown recluse spider.

Crocodile Eats Golfer
Little did the Palm Beach golfer realize as he tramped off alone to the seventh hole that he was about to become Ol' Mose's last meal.

Dead Frog Found in Can of Peas
(NOT a hoax!) Irate consumer complains in forwarded email about finding a tiny dead frog inside a can of Kroger peas. With revolting photo documentation...

Doctors Find Live Worm in Patient's Eye
Revolting photos show the surgical removal of a live worm from the eye of an unfortunate patient who purportedly contracted the parasite from ordinary house dust.

Don't Drink the Sea Water
Forwarded email accompanied by a photo purportedly showing the penis of a blue whale claims that the male of that species produces over 400 gallons of sperm in a single mating session.

Maggots in Oreos
Emailed photos purport to show an infestation of maggots or insect eggs in the cream filling of an Oreo cookie.

Man Eats Baby
Photos circulated on the Internet seem to prove that human infants are eaten in China. Are they real? (Not for the faint of heart!)

Man Keeps Dead Wife in Glass Coffee Table
According to this forwarded email, Arizona resident Jeff Green preserved the body of his dead wife Lucy in a specially-built glass coffee table, which is on display in his living room.

Mechanically Separated Chicken
A viral image purportedly showing the manufacture of mechanically separated chicken, a thick, pink paste made by mechanically stripping poultry off the bone and forcing it through a sieve.

The Queen and the Scottish Soldiers
Emailed image shows Queen Elizabeth of England sitting amidst a group of kilt-wearing Scottish soldiers, one of whom reveals a wee bit too much of his manhood.

Restaurant Closed for Serving Rat Meat to Customers
Email hoax claims an "Asian/Chinese" restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia was recently closed by authorities for offering dishes made of rats, mice, kittens and puppies.

Snake Swallows Man!
This charming series of photographs purports to show a gigantic serpent killed and dissected in the process of swallowing a full-grown human being.

The Urban Legends Slide Show
A gallery featuring dozens of weird, wacky images -- some real, some fake, some whose authenticity has yet to be determined -- as circulated via forwarded email.

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