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Do They Eat Babies in China?

From the Mailbag, cont.


Do They Eat Babies in China?

Zhu Yu: "Eating People"

Photographer unknown / Circulating via email

Doll parts?

It is true — to the point of being a cliche, in fact — that avant-garde artists will say and do anything to shock their audiences, so we're obliged to acknowledge the possibility that Zhu Yu is telling the truth — that he really did cook and eat human fetuses in front of a camera. On the other hand, they don't call the kind of work Zhu does performance art for nothing, and it has been argued that he probably constructed his "fetuses" out of doll parts and animal carcasses, pretended to consume them in front of a camera, and issued tongue-in-cheek statements to the press claiming he actually ate human flesh.

That's a theory I'm inclined to agree with, frankly, because if Zhu's claims were factual he'd probably be serving jail time right now. There's no reason to suppose the government of China is any more tolerant of cannibalism than governments anywhere else, and the fact that Zhu's work was rejected from an official exhibition bears that out. By his own "admission," the fetuses Zhu allegedly cooked and ate were obtained illegally, thus if he is telling the truth he could be prosecuted as an accomplice in that crime, as well.

Officials demand retraction

In early 2001, a Malaysian tabloid published several of Zhu's photos in conjunction with a story alleging that the signature dish of a particular Taiwanese restaurant contains the "meat" of human infants. Taiwan government officials immediately demanded a retraction — a de facto confirmation that baby eating is not particularly well-accepted by the Chinese.

Shortly afterward, the same pictures turned up on a prominent Website specializing in tasteless content (www.rotten.com), prompting reports in the British press that Scotland Yard and the FBI were investigating their origins. The owner of said Website maintains he has never been contacted by authorities from any country, however. When last I looked (August 2001), the photos were still on display there.

Poll: Do you believe the artist when he claims he actually cooked and ate human fetuses? 1) Yes. 2) No. 3) I'm not sure.

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