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Top 10 Grossest Urban Legends Ever Told


Our very favorite, absolutely 100% true (not!) tales of revolting food contaminations, creepy-crawly insect infestations, mutilating accidents, sexually-transmitted horrors, and all-around nauseating human behavior. Each and every story below is guaranteed to disgust. Enjoy!
Warning: Some of the material below may shock and/or offend.

1. Breast Infestation

Susan McKinley should have known better than to let the painful breast rash she contracted fester...
As an experienced anthropologist, Susan McKinley should have known better than to let the painful breast rash she contracted in South America fester. By the time she went to a doctor, there were live fly larvae "growing and squirming within the pores and sores of her breast."

2. Celebrity Stomach Pump

Did you hear about the time [insert celebrity name here] passed out after a night of drunken debauchery and had to be rushed to the emergency room with severe gastric pain? Guess what they found when they pumped his or her stomach!

3. Cockroach Egg Tacos

A friend of a friend ate at Taco Bell, had a sore throat the next day, went to the doctor. The doctor said, "We have to do surgery immediately." Turns out there were roach larvae eating her cheeks from the inside out.

4. Doctor, There's a Worm in My Eye!

What was thought initially to be mere dust in the patient's eye was actually an insect's egg...
When the doctors operated, what they originally thought was a growth or cyst actually turned out to be a live worm; what they initially thought was mere dust in the patient's eye was really an insect egg. It was successfully removed.

5. Scrotum Self-Repair

When a 40-year old man arrived at a hospital asking to see a doctor specializing in "men's troubles", he was shown to a cubicle. There, he gingerly unwrapped three yards of foul smelling, stained gauze from around his scrotum, which had swollen to twice the size of a grapefruit...

6. Please Hold the Mayo!

Getty Images
A customer at a fast food restaurant orders a chicken sandwich without mayonnaise. After taking her first bite, she's disgusted to realize she is chewing what seems to be a large glob of mayo. On closer examination, it turns out to be something far, far worse...

7. McChickenhead

Imagine arriving home with your box of fried chicken wings from a fast food restaurant. You open the box and begin serving the chicken to your children. You come across a piece that doesn't look like a wing. What is it? Oh my God, it's ... McChickenhead!

8. Maggots on the Brain

Upon closer inspection by a scalp specialist, the doctor noticed small movements beneath his skin...
Mr. Shota Fujiwara loved his sashimi and sushi so much that he tried to get them as "alive and fresh" as possible. He began having severe headaches three years ago, attributing it to migraine and stress from work. It was only when he started losing his psychomotor skills that he sought medical help. The scalp specialist noticed small movements beneath his skin...

9. A Tail of Two Toothbrushes

A couple from suburban California were vacationing in Jamaica when their room was broken into and everything stolen, with the exception of their camera and their toothbrushes. Considering themselves fortunate to have retained the camera with their vacation photos, they returned home where they had the film developed...

10. The Necrophiliac's Gift

A woman (a friend of a friend, of course) met a man while out on the town one night. One thing led to another, as they say, and she ended up having sex with him. Later, the woman fell ill. She went to the doctor, who examined her and announced that she was "infected with maggots." Can you guess why?
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