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Fonda, Jane

Urban legends and Netlore about American actress Jane Fonda

'Hanoi Jane' Email Blends Fact and Fiction
Email rumors accuse 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda of purposely betraying the confidence of American POWs by handing over secret documents to their captors in North Vietnam

Do You Know Who I Am?
Apocryphal story circulating since the mid-1990s claims Jane Fonda and Ted Turner were kicked out of a Montana restaurant by its owner, a Vietnam veteran.

'Hanoi Jane' Email Rumors Blend Fact and Fiction
Email rumors allege that activist actress Jane Fonda purposely betrayed U.S. POWs to their captors in Vietnam during a propaganda visit to the country in the early 1970s.

Reader Responses to 'Hanoi Jane'
Reader responses to our coverage of the 'Hanoi Jane' email accusing Jane Fonda of betraying American POWs to their captors during the Vietnam War.

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