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Reader Responses to 'Hanoi Jane'


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Re: Hanoi Jane
From: Mario

Jane will not comment. And what About.com stated was DISINFORMATION; if MSgt J.S.M. were alive today, HE would tell you off — and, being his son, I will instead. NOW, screw you Jane, About.com, and DAVID EMERY (you liberal "revisionist" pseudo-historian PUNK — who wrote the article here at About.com). You thought probably most might forget or died off — well, A**HOLE — you forgot about their kids — F**K YOU!!!!!

Jane Fonda should be DRAWN AND QUARTERED AND I WANT TO BE THERE. I could care the Heck less what anyone thinks about this, either!!!!! Funny, Mister Idiot Dave didn't mention the other well known facts about the Hanoi Jane B*t*h.


P.S. SCREW YOU, DAVE — I KNOW YOU KNOW BETTER AND YOU deliberately MISLED PEOPLE — you liberal-socialist dogs are all alike. I will discontinue all ties with About.com as of today — good riddance. I wish YOU AND JANE THE WORST!!!!

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