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RFID Microchip Implants Required Under Obamacare? No.


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Obamacare and Microchip Implants
RFID Micro Chip Implant

Netlore Archive: Viral warnings claim a provision in Obamacare requires all Americans to receive RFID microchip implants beginning March 23, 2013. Is it true? Is this the biblical Mark of the Beast?

Via Facebook

Description: Rumor / Forwarded email
Circulating since: 2009 (various versions)
Status: FALSE (see details below)

See also: Hoax: "RFID Chips Mandated in Wyoming"

Example of rumor:
Email contributed by Sherry F., Feb. 11, 2013:

Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013

The New Health Care (Obama care) law H.R. 3590 Also HR 4872 requires all US citizens to... have the RIFD implanted

This evil plan is being launched by America. its a micro chip injected in your hand. it will contain all your personal data heath and bank accounts etc. its also a GPS device being monitored. they can deactivate it at any time if they find you suspicious or not loyal to their government or go against them or their system and you will lose everything you ever had. soon this device will be made common just like they did credit cards, turning paper money into digital money. means nothing is physically in your hand. it will be made a must for every citizen with time according to their plan and then they will spread it outside America so they can monitor and control as many people as they can and turn them into slaves with their digital technologies.

this device is the future or slavery

BEWARE of this EVIL DEVICE. if you don't believe me do your own research before you come to argue or debate.

warn more people create this awareness do more research on your own and save yourself from this NEW DEVILRY.

Analysis: It's true that an early draft of what came to be known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") would have established a national medical device registry to track the safety and efficacy of all kinds of medical devices including, but not limited to, "implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining" ones (such as heart pacemakers, stents, neurostimulators, ophthalmic devices, drug delivery systems, and biometric monitors).

It did not mandate the use of any such devices, however. Nowhere in any version of the bill did it say Americans must have microchips or any other devices implanted anywhere in their bodies. Again, the only thing the registry was designed to "track" was the efficacy and safety of medical devices.

In any case, the provision that would have created the national medical device registry was entirely stricken from the final legislation signed into law by President Obama.

Miscronstrued and misrepresented

The language in bills such as this is dense, technical, and sometimes hard to decipher. It is easy to misconstrue, and therefore easy to misrepresent. For example, one Internet posting quotes part of the stricken passage about a national medical device registry and claims it stipulates that "all Americans may be compelled to receive a micro-chip, similar to that used in the identification and control of animals, in order to receive State mandated health care."

Read the passage carefully. It says no such thing.

The enacted version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains no mention of implantable medical devices at all, much less implantable RFID chips, much less a provision requiring all U.S. citizens to have them.

Source documents:
H.R. 3200: Establishment of National Medical Device Registry (excerpt)
H.R. 3200: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (not enacted)
H.R. 3590: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (enacted March 23, 2010)

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Further reading:

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Last updated 04/06/14

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