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Top 25 Urban Legends

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Hoax

Don't believe everything you see on the Internet!

New & Updated
KKK Starts Petition for Yearly "Purge" of African Americans (F)
"Actual Footage of Missile Fired at Malaysian Airliner" Video (F)
112 Murdered by Teens Reenacting "The Purge 2" (F)
"Miley Cyrus Found Dead" Video (F)
Photo of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Site (F)
"Hot Convict" Jeremy Meeks Killed By Wife (F)
Illegal Immigrants Forcibly Occupy Small Texas Town (F)
Netflix Cancels "Orange Is the New Black" (F)

Top 10 Today
1. 112 Murdered by Teens Reenacting "The Purge 2" (F)
2. "Miley Cyrus Found Dead" Video (F)
3. 5 Fridays, Saturdays, 5 Sundays in August (T/F)
4. Breast Infestation (T/F)
5. 16 Dead in Roller Coaster Accident (F)
6. Shampoo Warning Video Scam (F)
7. Bloody Mary (F)
8. Don't Answer Cell Phone While Charging (F)
9. AIDS-Tainted Blood Found in Frooti Products (F)
10. KFC Uses Mutant Chickens (F)

Top 25 of the Past Week

1. Hoax Quiz: Can YOU Spot the Fakes?
Take our Hoax Quiz and test your ability to tell fake photos from real ones. It's harder than you think! Start here

2. Netflix Cancels 'Orange Is the New Black'
Viral article claims Netflix is canceling the popular TV series Orange Is the New Black because CEO Reed Hastings objects to women being depicted as convicts. Status: False

3. Breast Infestation
Viral image and video purport to document the medical case of a female anthropologist named Susan McKinley who failed to seek treatment for a rash and wound up with an infestation of larvae in her breast. Status: Mixed

4. Shampoo Warning Video Scam
Viral social media blurbs purport to link to a video showing a horrendous skin condition resulting from the use of Head & Shoulders Shampoo. Status: Scam

5. 'Girl Killed Herself Live on Cam' Video
A clickjacking scam proliferating in the form of blurbs for a video of a girl who supposedly killed herself after her father saw her posing semi-nude on web cam. Status: Scam

6. Carmen Winstead
Chain-letter-style Internet postings tell the story of Carmen Winstead, a 17-year- old girl supposedly pushed down a sewer and killed by a gang of girls from her school. Status: Urban legend

7. Raw Onions on Feet to Cure Illness
Viral message claims placing slices of raw onion on the soles of one's feet and securing them with a pair of socks will "absorb toxins" and "take away illness" overnight. Status: False

8. The Legend of Bloody Mary
Urban legend says if you stand in front of a mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" three times, a terrifying ghost will appear. Status: Urban Legend

9. Richard Gere and the Gerbil
Several years ago, "they" say, actor Richard Gere was admitted into the emergency room of a Los Angeles hospital with a foreign object lodged in his rectum: a gerbil. Status: False

10. 16 People Dead in Roller Coaster Accident' Video
Scam postings offer CCTV video footage of a roller coaster accident at Universal Studios in Florida in which 16 people supposedly died. Status: Scam

11. Humans Can Lick, Too
Home alone, but there's nothing to fear with your trusty dog keeping watch under the bed. Or is there? Status: Urban legend

12. Jamie Lee Curtis Is a Hermaphrodite
Longstanding rumors say actress Jamie Lee Curtis was born with male sex organs and underwent a sex change operation as an infant. Status: Dubious

13. 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays in August
Internet chain letter observes that August 2014 will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays, and claims this is a configuration that only occurs once every 823 years. Status: Mostly false

14. Mr. Rogers Was a Marine Sniper / Navy SEAL
Dear Urban Legends: I've been listening to the radio today, and a couple of speakers made mention of the "fact" that Mr. Rogers was a Marine sharpshooter. Status: False

15. The Clown Statue
A babysitter calls the parents she's working for to ask if she can cover up the disturbing "clown statue" in the room where she's watching TV. Status: Urban legend

16. The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs
A babysitter receives harassing phone calls from a stranger who keeps telling her to "check the children." Status: Urban legend

17. Do Earwigs Crawl in People's Ears and Eat Their Brains?
Claim: Earwigs are so named because they crawl into sleeping people's ears and eat their brains, causing madness and/or death. Status: False

18. Listerine Mosquito Control
Viral message circulating via email and social media claims spraying an outside area with Listerine antiseptic mouthwash repels and/or kills every mosquito in the vicinity. Status: Unsubstantiated

19. Tommy Hilfiger Made Racist Statements
Anecdotal reports claim that fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger made racist statements on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Status: False

20. Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light?
After coming home late and getting ready for bed in the dark, a college coed wakes up the next morning to receive the shock of her life. Status: Urban legend

21. The Choking Doberman
A family comes home to find their doberman pincer choking in the living room. What scares them isn't so much that he's choking, but what he's choking on. Status: Urban legend

22. Human Meat Found in McDonald's Meat Factory
Viral "news story" claims health inspectors found human meat and horse meat in the freezers of a McDonald's meat factory. Status: False

23. Origin of the F-Word
It is said that the F-word originated as the acronym of "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" or "Fornication Under Consent of the King." Status: False

24. Heat From BBQ Melts Contact Lenses
Anecdotal stories claim the heat from a backyard barbecue can melt plastic contact lenses and fuse them to the eye, causing severe injury and blindness. Status: False

25. Bottled Water Cancer Warning
Forwarded message says don't drink bottled water that has been sitting in a warm car for any length of time because, supposedly, the heat causes cancer-producing toxins to 'leak' from the plastic into the water. Status: See details

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