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How to Submit Urban Legends, Rumors, and Hoaxes for Debunking


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I welcome any and all contributions of texts and images whose authenticity is in question.

That includes forwarded emails, Facebook statuses, shared photos, tweets, rumors, urban legends, old wives' tales, and any other questionable stuff that crosses your transom. Submitted items will be researched and results posted here as time allows.

How to contact me:

If you've received a forwarded email you'd like to contribute, the easiest way to submit it is to forward the entire message, intact, to the following email address:


Alternatively, click here to open a blank email form into which you can paste any copied text — e.g., from email, Facebook postings, message boards, or Twitter. After pasting, click send.

Or, if you prefer, drop a note on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your help!

David Emery

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