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Reader Responses to 'Richard Gere and the Gerbil'


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Reader Response #10

Re: Richard Gere and the Gerbil
From: An AOL user

Mr. Emery:

I have read with interest your "debunking" of the Richard Gere gerbil story. What no one seems to understand, even the National Enquirer with its then "Richard Gere - Victim of Vicious Gay Sex Practice Rumor Fax Attack!" story (or whatever their banner was at the time), is that when a spokesperson for a certain prominent hospital & medical teaching institution in West Hollywood denied that Gere "was ever admitted to our hospital," and "was never seen in the Emergency Department," that spokesman had chosen his words very, very carefully!

What was said was technically correct, but: Richard Gere had presented to (and spent considerable time, almost a full day, being treated in) this hospital's Outpatient Surgery Center, for extraction of the hapless rodent's remains. A presentation to this hospital's Outpatient Surgery Center is NOT considered an "admission to" the hospital, neither is it considered a presentation to, nor as being "seen in," its Emergency Department!

People are not technically "admitted" to an Emergency Room/Emergency Department in hospital parlance (instead, they "present").

So, all this slipped through the cracks (so to speak) by semantics. The media was fooled, as it rarely is; this was dismissed as an urban legend, accordingly.

Not A Skeptic

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