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Sex & Scandal

Ribald rumors, salacious gossip and scandalous myths from around the globe.

The Urban Legends Sex Quiz
Have astronauts conducted sex experiments in outer space? Does the world's largest porn collection belong to the Vatican? What famous person's private parts are supposedly stored in formaldehyde at the Smithsonian? Test your urban legends IQ!

The Altoids Legend
Does the "curiously strong" mint really enhance the pleasure of oral sex?  This urban legend says it does.

Altoids, Oral Sex and the Presidency
Altoidsgate: Will the latest Bill Clinton debacle bring the White House to its knees?

Attack of the Penis Shrinkers!
Rumors of penis-shrinking sorcerers roaming the streets cause outbreak of pubic panic in West Africa.

The Blind and Prophetic
Those Greek gods and goddesses were always copulating, or thinking about copulation, or planning to copulate...

The Bothered Bride (The Bride's Revenge)
During a stately wedding ceremony, the bride interrupts the proceedings to reveal a shocking secret about the groom and the maid of honor.

The Bridegroom's Revenge
During a stately wedding ceremony, the groom interrupts the proceedings to reveal a shocking secret about the bride and the best man.

Celebrity Stomach Pump
Did you hear that (Insert Name of Rock Star Here) collapsed onstage and had to be rushed to the emergency room, where a pint of semen was pumped from his/her stomach?

Citizens Against Breastfeeding
Hoax, or a legitimate uprising of prudes?  The truth exposed!

Craiglist Gold Digger Meets Her Match
Self-described "spectacularly beautiful" woman posts an online personals ad bluntly stating her wish to pair off with a marriageable "rich guy" in New York City. Wall Street banker responds, "Your offer ... is plain and simple a crappy business deal."

Crustacean Love
Reasons not to have sex with a lobster. (Caution: a very bawdy email tale featuring explicit language some will find offensive.)

'Earth Didn't Move' for Astronauts, NASA Says
Allegations that Space Shuttle astronauts conducted 'sex experiments' in outer space are based on an Internet hoax, says NASA

Fellatio Decreases Risk of Breast Cancer in Women
Homemade Web page masquerading as a CNN news story claims women can decrease their risk of breast cancer by "performing the act of fellatio on a regular basis."

Gerbilling Mishap Injures Two
Another apocryphal sex tale involving men and gerbils.

Glitter Spray Mistake
A woman accidentally uses holiday glitter spray instead of feminine hygiene spray just before visiting the gynecologist. Embarrassment ensues...

Halloween Surprise!
Here's what happens when a couple takes "love is a masquerade" too literally.

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky
Did Neil Armstrong's moon landing speech contain a secret naughty reference?

Japanese Fashion Craze: Fake See-Through Skirts
In which we are asked to believe that Japanese women are proudly wearing skirts imprinted on the outside with trompe l'oeil panties.

Jelly Bracelets - An Invitation to Sex?
It is widely believed -- apparently more so by adults than by the teenagers themselves -- that the 'jelly bracelets' so popular among junior high school students nowadays are color-coded according to the wearer's willingness to perform certain sex acts.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel
Another entry in the "odd things inserted in orifices" department.

The Lightning-Fused Lovers
Two college students making love on top of a mountain during a thunderstorm experience the climax of their lives -- literally.

Male Pregnancy Website
Wherein it is claimed that Taiwanese-born Mingwei Lee is the first human male to be artificially impregnated and will soon give birth to a child – by C-section, of course.

The Man on Page 602
Dear Guide: I read somewhere that in a 1975 Sears catalog, there is a penis visible in one of the pictures. Is this true? It sounds kind of urban legend-y to me, but I'm curious to know.

Man Arrested for Having Sex with Pumpkin
"Police arrested Patrick Lawrence, a 22-year-old white male, resident of Dacula, GA, in a pumpkin patch at 11:38 p.m. Friday. Lawrence will be charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency, and public intoxication at the Gwinnett County courthouse on Monday..."

Is Mountain Dew a Contraceptive?
No, but this urban legend has certainly not hurt the popularity of the soft drink.

MasterCard Wedding
During a wedding ceremony at Clemson University, the groom interrupts the proceedings to reveal a shocking secret about the bride and the best man (Internet version of "The Bridegroom's Revenge").

The Naked Truth About Slumber Parties
"Dear Ann Landers," a May 2002 letter to the advice columnist began, "I hope you can help me with an unusual problem. My teen-age daughter was recently invited to a nude slumber party."

The Necrophiliac's Gift
Note to self: never have sex with someone who works in a morgue.

Ogling Breasts Increases Men's Lifespans
'Medical study' purportedly published in the New England Journal of Medicine claims research has shown that ogling women's breasts increases men's lifespans.

The Pickled Penis
Is gangster John Dillinger's preserved penis on permanent display at a Washington, D.C. museum?

Peanut Butter Surprise
Shocking proof that dog is woman's best friend, too.

Pizza without the 'P'
Questions and answers about "dreadful contaminations."

Richard Gere and the Gerbil
We get to the bottom of persistent rumors concerning Richard Gere and a certain furry little friend.

Rectal Foreign Objects
Writer Leif 'Trials of a Gay-Seeming Straight Male' Ueland glosses the execrable Richard Gere gerbil-in-the-butt legend in his probing article for Nerve.com, 'Everything but the Gerbil'...

Scrotum Self-Repair
Perhaps the most inventive use of an industrial staple gun you're ever likely to see. Grisly but true!

Sexually Explicit PUMA Ads
Germany-based sports shoe manufacturer PUMA AG says a pair of pictorial "ads" currently circulating on the Internet and featuring sneaker-clad adults engaged in an apparent sex act are "unauthorized," "appalling," and utterly fake.

The Value of Undies
Zipless variant of "The Unzipped Mechanic," a very old legend in which a woman mistakes a mechanic working under the family car for her husband and proceeds to give the man the surprise of his life.

Superglue: Its Uses and Abuses
As befits a modern miracle invention, tales of Superglue pranks and mishaps loom large in contemporary folklore.

That'd Be the Butt, Bob
During a taping of the popular 1970s show 'The Newlywed Game,' a female contestant comes up with an unexpected response to the question, 'Where's the most unusual place you've ever made whoopee?'

What Could Be More Natural?
Penises make constant appearances in myths and legends from all over the map. Peter Kohler measures in with a retelling of a Hopi folktale.

"Welcome to the world of AIDS." A cautionary tale from the '80s, precursor to several related legends of the late '90s, with analysis by Barbara Mikkelson.

Caught in the Act
Was the lovemaking ill-timed, or was it the surprise party?

Celebrity Pornography: Facts & Fiction
Did Sylvester Stallone really star in a porn film? Did Ron Howard direct one? Find out here.

How to Get Not-So-Lucky
A teenage boy hoping to get lucky with a blind date stocks up on condoms at the local pharmacy...

Man Gets Stuck in Swimming Pool Suction Fitting!
Legendary but true -- a selection from Barbara's Tales of the Wooden Spoon.

Spanish Fly
Is this what really happens when you leave a girl alone in the car after giving her an aphrodisiac?

Superhero Hijinx
Have you heard the one about the guy who dressed up as Superman, tied his wife to the bed, then knocked himself unconscious while attempting to leap from the dresser?

Unbridled Lust
Catherine the Great did it with a stallion? Another historical inaccuracy is set aright by Barbara Mikkelson.

The Vatican Owns the World's Largest Porn Collection
So they say. On the other hand, there's the truth -- for which I refer you to Barbara "sinner belle" Mikkelson.

Why Does It Taste so Salty?
Under the category of "classroom embarrassments" – female student asks the biology professor why, if semen is 50% sugar, it tastes so salty.

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