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Photo Fakery: Sex and Scandal

Weird, wacky images circulated on the Internet pertaining to sex and scandal.

Dick Cheney: Naked Woman Reflected in Sunglasses?
A photo released by the White House of U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney on a fishing trip in Idaho appears to show the blurry reflection of a naked woman (among other possibilities) in the dark sunglasses he is wearing.

The Man on Page 602
Did the male model in an underwear spread for the 1975 Sears catalog show more, um, panache than was expected of him?

Sexually Explicit PUMA Ads
Germany-based sports shoe manufacturer PUMA AG says a pair of pictorial "ads" currently circulating on the Internet and featuring sneaker-clad adults engaged in an apparent sex act are "unauthorized," "appalling," and utterly fake.

The Queen and the Scottish Soldiers
Emailed image shows Queen Elizabeth of England sitting amidst a group of kilt-wearing Scottish soldiers, one of whom reveals a wee bit too much of his manhood.

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