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Animal Urban Legends: Snakes

Urban legends, folktales and superstitions about snakes.

Giant Florida Rattlesnake (Photos)
Viral images purport to show a 15-foot-long, 170-pound eastern diamondback rattlesnake caught in a subdivision near Jacksonville, Florida.

Giant Texas Rattlesnake (Photo)
Emailed picture of a giant rattlesnake killed in Texas, allegedly measuring 9 feet 1 inch in length and weighing 97 pounds.

Giant Texas Rattlesnake #2
Viral image purports to show a large rattlesnake killed outside the town of Coleman, Texas.

Multi-Headed Snake Photo
Differing versions of a viral image purport to show a 7-headed (or 5-headed or 3-headed) snake allegedly photographed in various parts of the world.

Rattlesnakes Not Rattling Anymore?
Forwarded email warns that rattlesnakes have changed their behavior of late and are striking at humans and other animals without the customary warning rattle.

The Snakes in the Ball Pit
A child dies after being bitten by rattlesnakes lurking in a fast food restaurant play area.

The Snake in the Computer (Photos)
Has your computer ever hissed at you? Here's a tale, complete with shocking photos, of a woman who probably wishes she'd called Animal Control instead of Tech Support when her PC began making strange noises.

The Snake in the House
If you think those little green grass snakes are totally harmless, you've got another think coming!

Snakes in a Potted Plant (Photos)
Emailed photos purport to show a nest of baby copperhead snakes found in the bottom of a plastic flower pot purchased at a grocery store.

The Snake in the Store
A shopper in a department store is handling a coat, blanket, rug, or mattress (etc.), suddenly feels a sharp pain, and collapses. It turns out she was bitten by a snake hiding in the merchandise.

The Snake in the Wreath
AUTHENTIC: Viral images show a 5-foot-long rat snake lurking inside a floral wreath on the front door of a home near Slidell, LA.

Snake vs. Electric Fence (Photos)
Various tales, some taller than others, accompany these images of an unfortunate python who tangled with an electric fence and lost.

A Snake Fishes for Its Prey (Photo)
Emailed image shows a very large snake (evidently a python) pulling its prey (evidently a wallaby, though some have labeled it a "cow") out of a body of water in Western Australia.

What to Do in Case of Snake Attack
Forwarded email purports to share instructions from a U.S. government Peace Corp manual on what to do if an anaconda or python attacks you in the wild.

Giant Snake Found in Red Sea
Viral images purport to show an unbelievably large snake found in the Red Sea and killed by a team of Egyptian scientists and divers. It is blamed for the deaths of 320 tourists.

Snake Swallows Man! (Photos)
This charming series of photographs purports to show a gigantic serpent killed and dissected in the process of swallowing a full-grown human being.

'Snow Snake' Photo
Viral image of a so-called "snow snake," whose bite can freeze your blood and kill you, and for which there is no known antidote.

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