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The Snake in the Wreath


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Snake in Wreath Pictures

Netlore Archive: Viral images show a 5-foot-long rat snake lurking inside a floral wreath on the front door of a home near Slidell, LA.

Photo by Jill Jones

Description: Viral images & text
Circulating since: Nov. 2010
Status: Authentic
Analysis: See last page

Text example:
As posted online, Nov. 20, 2010:

Did you hear about this??

Only in Louisiana! This is scary, talk about having nightmares. Can you imagine this visitor greeting you at the door? A couple of the pictures are close-ups be careful the first made me jump because I wasn't expecting it. This was forwarded by someone who lives/works in the Slidell area and wanted to share for safety purposes.

This is an unbelievable story!!! I opened my front door today to receive a FedEx package and as I shut the door I thought the wreath stuck me in the head. After I shut the door I looked through the glass to see what it was that stuck me and was looking face to face with a 5' snake. You can't even see it as you walk up to the door. The wreath is over 5' from the ground. Still can't figure out how it got up there??

Talk about bad omens!

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