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Anti-Obama Clothing Label


'We Are Sorry that Our President Is an Idiot' (Obama Version)
Anti-Obama Clothing Label

Netlore Archive: Translated into English, the French portion of an American clothing label reads: 'We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We did not vote for him.'

Image source: Unknown, circulating via email

Description: Viral image
Circulating since: May 2004
Status: Authentic / Dates from Bush administration

Email example contributed by Mindy, April 29, 2010:

Subject: Small U.S. company

Small business is alive and well in America !

* Check out the clothing label from a small US company.*

Analysis: In addition to standard laundering instructions, the French-language product label depicted above says, "Nous sommes desoles que notre president soit un idiot. Nous n'avons pas vote pour lui."

Translation: "We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him."

The photo is authentic and the label quite real, though both date from 2004, when Tom Bihn, a U.S. manufacturer of tote bags, backpacks, and briefcases, placed the label on several of its products sold in Canada. The company's tongue-in-cheek explanation at the time was that it was a joke aimed at its own founder and president, Tom Bihn. However, most people read it as a partisan dig at President George W. Bush (and they were probably correct).

Though Tom Bihn products no longer carry the label, images of it began circulating again in 2010, making it appear as though the insult was intended for President Obama (it wasn't).

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Last updated 07/23/10

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