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The Spider Bite

An Urban Legend


NOTE TO READERS: If you're looking for info about a Facebook video purporting to show a spider growing under someone's skin, click here.

The Spider Bite
As told by Ayesha Cizmazija...

My aunt told us this one when I was about 11. It terrified me and my friends. Years later, I was telling the story to a group of people, and one girl had also heard a similar version of the story. It goes like this:

A young woman was sunbathing on the beach and was just about to drop off to sleep, when she felt an insect running along her jawbone and then down her neck. She brushed it away, and thought nothing more of it.

After about a week, she noticed what she thought was a pimple growing and growing. The skin was inflamed and it looked like a blister. Then, one day, she was blow-drying her hair and hit the inflamed spot with her hair dryer. The blistered skin broke open and hundreds of tiny white baby spiders and pus came pouring out of the wound!

It seems that while she was sunbathing, her pores had enlarged enough that a mama spider could deposit her egg sac in one. They incubated under her skin until she smacked herself in the jaw with the hair dryer!

Example #2:
As told by Paula Bergeron...

This is an old one that I haven't heard in quite some time. In its prime, I probably heard it from at least 20 different people.....

A woman decides to take a trip to a tropical location (I've heard that it was Jamaica, Cuba, Venezuela, and more!). Her plan is to relax and get a suntan for the week that she's there.

She spends the week lazing on numerous beaches, but on the last day decides to take a tour through a forested area. While in the area, she happens upon a secluded waterfall and a quiet resting place, where she decides to take a swim and then dry off in the sun.

As the story goes, the woman falls asleep in the sun and when she wakes up, she's horribly frightened by a spider crawling on her cheek. She hurriedly brushes the spider away and carries on her way.

A few weeks after returning home, the woman develops a cyst of sorts on her cheek. She goes to the emergency room, where the doctor tells her they will need to pop the cyst to let the fluid escape. The woman agrees to this simple and painless procedure. The doctor proceeds. As it's a painless procedure, the woman is not anesthetized. Soon after the doctor makes the first attempt to pop the cyst, the woman hears a gasp and then feels something trickling down her cheek. She assumes it's the fluid. The doctor tells her not to panic. Instinctively, she brings her hand to her cheek to wipe off the fluid. At that point she realizes that it's not fluid, but rather something crawling on her cheek.

Spiders.... hundreds of tiny spiders are crawling all over her face and on her hand. She lets out a blood-curdling scream and totally loses it. She is so distraught and out of control that she needs to be restrained by several staff.

To this date, she remains in the psychiatric ward of the same hospital where the procedure took place.

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