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Readers Respond: Is Obama a U.S. Citizen?

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Once a liar, always a liar.

A forged cert. of live birth, actually two, a stolen SS number, or at least one that wasn't issued by the SS admin. In order to go to school on Indonesia, one must be a citizen of Indonesia. His forged COLB say's his father was Kenyan, making him a British subject, and Obama jr. not natural born. He's committed treason, an impeachable offense, but being illegitimate, that's impossible.
—Guest joebanana

How stupid have we become?

Think about this for a minute..If you or I were applying for a job,passport,IRS audit,etc and it took 3 years to produce and to boot sealed our college transcripts?
—Guest Seer

Is Obama a U.S. Citizen?

I think his citizenship issue should be a closed chapter since He is already American President. Now the only factor which should be debated is whether he deserves a second Term. Whether a new incubent will deliver better.
—Guest Rhyme

Get a dictionary

"yours truley Obama supporter," explains the kind of people who elected Obama. - Yours truly, an educated Republican voter.
—Guest Guest Educated

Guest Jaunita Woods

Ms Woods , If you were a D--- fool and voted for Obama in '08, PLEASE don't be a D--- idoit and vote for him again
—Guest W Cole

OBama illegitimacy

Hell no! He is not qualified for POTUS, especially since he is trying to destroy the USA.
—Guest Pat Manchack

Obama Citizenship

Barak Obama is a U. S. citizen because he was born to a U. S. citizen, his mother, and in a U. S. Territory, Hawaii. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone to U. S. citizens making him eligible to be president of the U. S., too. His actual birth certificate has already been provided to the media and others. There is no question in mind that this birther business is a bunch of non-sense and an attempt to create a poltical distraction.
—Guest David


I think this is bogus. This claim hurts america. Either point of veiw to this subject means either we are incompetent or we still a nation full of hatred and negativity. I dont want any part of it. This makes me sad more than angry. - yours truley Obama supporter
—Guest Black citizen

Obama not a natural born citizen

If Obama's father was a British citizen from Kenya, regardless of where Obama was born, he should not be considered a "natural born" U.S. citizen. Also, at the time he was born, Hawaii was not yet a State of the U.S., but a possession. How can he get away with this?

OBAMA NOT A Native born citizen

Lets make it clear, Hawaii was not ratified as a State until 1959 so Obama's parents or mother was not a US Citizen until 1959, a territory is not a state yet until its Constitution is adopted to the Union of state hood by Fedral supreme court, Both Obama's parents were not Citizen upon his birth, and both did not live as abroad Citizens of Hawaii for 14 years when Brack Obama was born. Other reasons, "Oath of Allegiance," 8 C.F.R. Part 337 (2008)) is an oath that must be taken by all immigrants who wish to become United States citizens. Citizens of U.S.A Territories Do not have Voting rights so that means just because Hawaii became a state in 1959 dose not mean all the people took an oath to become a Citizen. I guarantee most did not sign any oath.


I think all the Dems should give everyone welfare then we do not have to worry about jobs. Oh I forgot you need slaves to work for the poor. It use to be the MIDDLES CLASS AND UPPER MIDDLES CLASS.
—Guest Sick of it all


his father was a citizen of what country?last i heard that matters,both parents must have no alegence to another country
—Guest meme

vietnam vet

obama don't respect our flag which i defended in danang vietnam he don't salute it or wear a flag pin he is a non-american which i didn't vote 4 he has gotten american so far in hock we will never see daylight again in a million years i believe he is not an american citizen he works for anyone who is against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA he is a fraud i didn't vote 4 that _ _ _ non american he _ _ _ _ _ get him out of the country and the white house thank u.
—Guest jcmsr48


I have read several comments about the man. Color? He's half white, right? backstabbinng? without a doubt! Condesending to a fault! I will say he can give a very nice speech, I really don't believe he means a word of it but it sounds good. I have watched this adminstration spend, take several trips, and do what ever they wanted without reguard for the country. He preaches middle class fairness, only because he wants a vote, he dosen't care! In fact looking at the history he really wants to break the country. I could care less what color anyone is, that was gone a long time ago for most of us. To play the black card is a cop-out! look at the facts, fire the man and get back to fixing the country!!!
—Guest concerned

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Is Obama a U.S. Citizen?

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