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The Witch in the Furnace Room

Once there was a hot girl named Selma. She was gorgeous, but she was also cruel and despicable. One day she noticed Luna, Katharine, Kelly, and Annie, the four sweetest, nicest girls you will ever meet. She was sick of their good attitude and wanted to prove they can be mean. So she took them down to the furnace room in their school. Now there's supposedly a witch that will make you suffer if you don't believe in her. So Selma took these four girls down to the basement and locked them in the furnace room. She put a tape recorder to the door (for proof) and listened. Soon she heard screaming and cursing. Selma danced in happiness then...she heard nothing. When she opened the door (thinking it was a joke) she saw the four girls dead. Their throats have been cut to the backbone. Selma then hears Luna's voice on the tape recorder. Luna explains that it is Selma's fault that they're dead. Selma will now suffer for the rest of her life - not with pain, but with guilt. She's a witch now.
—Guest razorWIRE

She Tries to Talk to Me

A long time ago, upon Burden Hill, sat a small house. The house was used for the mentally insane and therefore called a sanitarium. Inside the house lived a small girl who drew odd pictures to express her emotions. She refused to wear any color but white and died unexpectedly, all alone, in the basement of the old house. How she died is very clear and very odd. It was suicide, but it wasn't suicide to her, since she was crazy. The little girl spent 7 hours in the basement ripping large, fleshy, thick pieces of skin off of her face and peeling each and every fingernail off her hands. She died due to loss of blood and was found after being reported missing. The little girl was buried in a black dress, which of course made her spirit furiously angry. She is said to haunt the halls and bedrooms of the house. Janelle's mother bought the old house about 70 years later. Janelle wasn't so frightened at first, until she began seeing a little girl with a ripped face appear at her bedside!
—Guest Miranda Coombs

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Some girls Kat didn't know invited her over for a sleepover. That night they played Truth or Dare . When it was Kat's turn she picked dare. One of the girls said, "I dare you to do Bloody Mary." Kat accepted. They gave Kat a lit candle and pushed her into the bathroom. Kat spun around three times and said, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." When nothing happened, she walked to the door. Before she could reach it her only light blew out. She banged on the door, begging the girls to open it, but they just laughed. She backed up against the door. The sink and the bath started to run. It poured out thick blood. It soon was overflowing onto the floor. Kat screamed a blood-curdling scream as Bloody Mary rose from the water then crawled out. When she reached carol she slit her throat and dragged her back to the bath. The next morning, the girls cheeked on her. When they saw her their screams could be heard for miles.
—Guest i~will~eat~your~soul~

Watch Out

There was a girl named Carmen Winstead. She lived in Indiana with her parents. At school everyone bullied her. One day during a fire drill a group of five girls decided to embarrass her by pushing her into a sewer in front of the entire school. They crowded her and gave her a big shove down the manhole. They laughed until they saw her face covered in blood, and, worst of all, she was not breathing. The police came to the school and asked if they had killed Carmen but they lied and said no. Later on they began receiving strange texts on their phones saying they pushed her. The messages said if you do not forward this to ten people u will have to pay the price. They all ignored the texts and later on were killed, the same way Carmen had been. So now that you read this you must tell ten people or believe it or she will get you!!!
—Guest makayla

5 Days

A girl I used to know, whose name was Rebecca, was watching TV one night. The phone rang, and the person on the other end said, "5 days, your mum's dead." She later found out that her mum had been hung. The next day, the phone rang again. The person said,"4 days, your dad's dead." Her dad drowned in his own sink. The next day, the person said,"3 days, your sister's dead." Her sister bled to death from knife wounds in her neck. The next day, the person said,"2 days, your brother's dead." Her brother was found dead in a bathtub with 13 cobras. The next day, the person said,"1 day, you're dead." She was found dead in her house the next day with a knife in her hand and several stab wounds. Did she kill herself, or did the man on the phone kill her and put the knife in her hand?
—Guest dragoness

Kuchisake Onna

There is a legend in Japan or China about a girl called Kuchisake Onna, or the slit-mouthed woman. Some say she was a samurai's wife. One day she cheated on him or something like that. Enraged, he took his sword and slit her mouth ear-to-ear. If you see her she will ask you, "Am I pretty?" You say yes and she rips off the surgical mask, and you see her slit mouth. She asks you the same question and if you say no she'll kill you. If you say yes she will kill you when you stop.
—Guest Guest

Hanako-San (Toire-No Hanako San)

My mum told me a story about Hanako San. It goes like this: One day, 4 Japanese girls wanted to use the bathroom. However, nobody wants to use the 4th bathroom. So they played 'Scissors-Paper-Stone', and the girl who loses used the 4th bathroom. The 3 girls are waiting for her outside. When she is done, she realizes that there is no toilet paper left. She shouts 'Can I have toilet paper?' Someone said 'Coming up.' Then a roll of toilet paper emerged from the 3rd bathroom. The girl was amazed (because there is no one in the 3rd bathroom) then when she went out of the bathroom, she went to the 3rd bathroom and saw a tall girl with long pretty black hair, dark, spooky eyes and a pretty dress. Around the girl there was a bright light. It was Hanako-San! The girl ran away, frightened and told the other girls about Hanako-San. Note: The reason that the girls did not want to use the 4th bathroom because it is pronounced as 'shi' in Japanese which means death.


Once upon a time there were three friends, They had decided to gather to have a sleepover. while watching movies and eating junk food, one of the girls says let's play Bloody Mary. They go upstairs. None of the girls tried except one. The one girl said "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror while holding a candle, then at the last "Bloody Mary" the candle went out. After she was done she went to her friends. They all looked at her and screamed. She asked what was wrong, then turned back to the mirror and her eyes were black. The bodies were found the next day - all except the one with the black eyes.
—Guest scary

The Bridge

In the town I live in, there is a bridge. A girl and her boyfriend died on this bridge. Their car went over the railing at exactly 2:33 am. If you go to this bridge, park your car, and put your car in neutral at 2:33 am, your radio will turn on, playing an old love song and ghosts will push your car to safety. I didn't believe this story until my friend and I decided to try it. We put baby powder on the bumper before we went and there were fingerprints on the bumper!
—Guest AlessiaAmnesia


This really happened to my cousins: The oldest girl was driving the car on an old highway. Her younger siblings were in the back. It was a dark night. They saw a fireman with an axe pacing back and fourth across the highway. They got scared, and the oldest girl took the turnoff. They then remembered that they had to get home so they turned back around. But when they got back to the highway, the fireman was gone.
—Guest sivad nommera

The Ribbon

There was once a pretty lady (I don't remember her name) who always wore a ribbon around her neck when she slept, when she went to church, when she went out. Everyone says you would never EVER see her without her ribbon. One day she met a young man and they fell deeply in love. He noticed she always wore her ribbon and asked, "Why do you wear that ribbon??" She just smiled and said, "I'll tell you when we get married one day." Four months later they where married and living happily together. But no matter how many times he asked her why she wore the ribbon, she would say, "I'll tell you later, but just don't take it off." One night he couldn't take it any more and had to know why she wore the ribbon. So he went downstairs where she was sleeping and slowly loosened the ribbon. As soon as he untied it the young lady's head fell off and rolled to her husband's feet. The eyes opened and the head yelled, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO REMOVE MY RIBBON!!!" The poor man went mad and was never seen again.
—Guest Metalbabe26

The Creepy Man with the Weird Grin

I was on the computer last week at 10 pm. My parents were out to dinner and would be back home soon, so I was chatting with my friends on Yahoo when suddenly someone i didn't know IM'd me. His user name was "2Good4u." He sent me a frightening message, "I'm watching you." That's when I froze with fright. I didn't know what else to do but just shut off my computer. Watching TV after did good for awhile, but then I heard a creak downstairs. I always have to be the courageous one, so I went downstairs slowly, and there in the kitchen was a tall man with a big butcher knife looking right at me with a frightening grin. I screamed in terror and dashed upstairs to my room and quickly dialed 911. The police shortly arrived and told me through a bullhorn to run outside, I made a mad dash through the front door and to the police, There I saw the man in the police car, captured but with the same grin on his face.
—Guest paramore

You Are in Danger

Don't believe in chain letters? I heard this urban legend from my friend. I don't know if she made it up or not, but I still like it. There was a girl like all of the other girls. One day, though, she got a chain letter in her email inbox. It was from Sarah. The girl liked looking at chain letters, so she opened it. It had all of the people's emails that this chain letter got sent to. Underneath each name was a note saying "Didn't believe? That is sad," or "Too bad for you." Also, there was a death day under each note. After all of the names was a note. that said, "If you don't send this to 100 people by midnight, you will be toast." The girl, like all of the others, didn't believe. So she didn't send it on. After supper, the girl went to bed, hoping to have pleasant dreams. While she was sleeping, her computer turned on by itself and typed an email to the girl from her own email address. The next day, the girl went on her computer, and opened the email...
—Guest Elizabeth.scary

Click, Click, Scratch

It was reported that a dangerous criminal had just escaped from prison with the name of Click Click Scratch, or "CCS." CCS had lost her hands and legs and when walking used her elbows to drag herself, making the sound "click, click, scrrattchh." Everybody was ordered to keep their windows and doors locked and sealed. Josie asked her mom if she could go to her friend's house, promising to run and get there before dark. Her mom was fine with this, since CCS only struck at night. Disobeying her mom, Josie took the long way and slowly strolled. By the time she got there it was night. She knocked on her friend's door but no one answered. Then, suddenly, she heard a sound: "Click, click, scrrattchhh." Getting scared, she screamed and banged on the door, but her friend and family thought it was Click Click Scratch trying to trick them into opening the door. The sounds came closer and closer. Josie screamed, but there was no hope. Her body was found the next morning, limbs torn apart.
—Guest scaaaryyy

The Doll

There once was a little girl who was an only child. She was very spoiled and lived in a large house. For Christmas she asked for an American Girl doll, but instead her parents got her a creepy, huge, dirty old porcelain doll with red eyes. It was her grandmother's when she was younger. The daughter complained about the beady red eyes, but the parents insisted they were brown, not red. Also, the doll had a stitched up neck which looked suspicious to the young girl. The parents insisted she sleep with the doll, So she hesitantly agreed and went to sleep, scared. In the middle of the night, she awoke to see the stitches coming undone. In the morning, it was even worse. She avoided it, and that night, when she went to bed again, the stitches came off. When the daughter woke up, instead of the doll greeting her, she saw the grandmother's bloody head.
—Guest yo

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