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From the article: The Killer in the Backseat
Horror stories:
Readers share their favorite scary urban legends.

The Clown Statue

There was a babysitter, babysitting 3 kids down her street. She was around 14 to 16 years old. The parents told her after she put the kids to bed she could go to the den and watch TV until they got home. It was around an hour after they put the kids to sleep and she started to watch TV. She noticed a creepy looking clown statue in the corner of the den. She called the parents to ask them a quick question... Here is the conversation: Parents: Hello? Babysitter: Hello... Um... There's a really creepy clown statue in the corner of the den. Could I--" Parents: Clown statue? We don't have a clown statue. Go get the kids. Go next door and call the police. The babysitter hung-up the phone, but as soon as she did that the clown statue jumped and stabbed her back with a knife, and did the same with the children upstairs. The "statue" was actually a murderer who was a midget living off their food and sleeping in their attic for over 2 months. He wore a clown suit and froze whenever he saw someone walk in the same room.
—Guest Lyndsey McNitt

Never Seen Again

One day the police were looking for this little boy who had been missing for about 3 months. When they went to his room to look for evidence they found his camera in the corner. As they developed the pictures to look for more evidence they found that the very last picture before he went missing had a faint figure in the background: a man in a ski mask holding a knife.
—Guest Future Paranormal Investigator


Before I start, I want to say this is all true. I swear on the Bible itself. Oh, and guys, if you read this and don't forward it to at least 5 people, Anne will get you. Let's begin. Once there was a girl named Anne Marie. She loved her boyfriend a lot, so much that she visited him every day. But one day when she came to visit he was kissing another girl -- Anne's sis, to be exact. Anne was so mad she killed her sister, then slashed her boyfriend's arm, saying, "Love anyone else ever again, or try to hide this cut, I'll get you." She quietly left. So every time the boyfriend's cut healed, she came back to cut it again, saying, "Remember me? IT'S ME, ANNE MARIE." One day his cut had healed and he huddled in the corner waiting for her, but when she didn't come he decided she was gone, finally dead. So a few years later he had a wife, kids, and house. But one night as he and his wife were going to bed, he dropped his glass of water and one shard cut him on the arm. Then Anne's ghost said, "IT'S ME, ANNE MARIE."

the haunted teddy bear

THIS IS A TRUE STORY: Once , there was a married couple, Wilbur and Sarah who were staying in a house with Wilbur's elder sister Katy. Wilbur would go to office everyday and Katy was a fashion designer so she went too. However, Sarah would sleep for a very long time , and when ever she used to wake up at 1:00 she used to see delicious food in the kitchen she used to think Katy made it for her and eat and then sleep again,and she had a very cuddly teddy bear so she named him cuddles.. so one day she woke up early. she woke up at 12 instead of 1 so she goes to the kitchen expecting the food.And then she saw THE TEDDY BEAR WAS COOKING and next morning she was found dead with her hands and limbs separated. the end
—Guest meeba

The white death

There was once a little girl that hated life and she wanted to get rid of every trace of herself off the planet. Soon, She killed herself and people found out. The people that found out died a few days later. Their limbs torn apart. They say if you know of The White Death, She will come and find you and constantly knock on your door. Each knock gets louder. You can't tell anyone about her, But if you do, She strikes. Killing you and then goes for the person you told. My friend told me of the White Death and i always hear knocks on my door. I can't take it anymore so i'm telling you people so it can stop. She doesn't want anyone to know about her, Thats why she kills. Now that you know of her, She'll be coming for you. Don't tell anyone you'll be torn apart limb..by limb. I'm sorry i told you this... no matter where you go, She will find you and keep knocking till you kill yourself. Or you tell someone else.
—Guest Doesn't matter...

Pale Man

Pale Man (telnome) is a figure in a Japanese urban legend who was murdered by a mugger who ripped out his eyes. He grow new eyes on his hands and searched for his killer, but he never saw his killer's face. Now he just kills whoever he sees!
—Guest josh

Red Cloak, A Japanese Legend

Red Cloak is a man who is said to hide in the last stall of a girls' washroom. He is so handsome that no girl can resist him. He wears a red cloak and when you walk up to the stall he steps out and asks, "Would you like a red cloak or a blue one?" If you say red he cuts off your head and the blood runs down your back like a cloak. If you ask for blue he chokes you until your face turns blue and you die.
—Guest nightmaregirl


In a very dense forest, there was a small town called Nice Town. This, however, was a cover-up for what really happened there. The villagers tortured and killed any people unfortunate enough to come to the village, but there was one little girl called Blossom. She disapproved of the villagers' actions, so she killed them all by biting their throats out. If you walk to the remains of the village you will hear Blossom singing a song. It goes: "I'm the, nicest little girl, oh yes I am, and if you try to torture or kill me you really really can't." And if you answer, "I can," she will eat your throat. But if you answer, "Sorry, I'm lost," she will appear in front of you and guide you out of the forest. And if you answer, "Blossom, you did the right thing," she will appear in front of you and beg you to take her away from the village, but she will turn to ashes when she exits the forest...
—Guest Person lol

The Staring Girl

A girl was traveling home one night on the underground train. She got on the next train and saw that there were 2 men, a young girl and a businessman on the train. She glanced over at the young girl with two guys sitting either side of her. The girl was staring blankly at her, her eyes wide open. She started to feel uncomfortable. The train halted as it approached the next stop, and as it did, the staring girl suddenly lurched forward and then was pulled back by the two guys. She knew something wasn't right now. The businessman whispered to the girl, "Get off the train." The girl replied, "What? Why?" "Just trust me," he said, looking nervous. The girl didn't know what to do; stay on the train with the odd girl and two guys, or leave the train with the man. When the train stopped, she got off. The man followed her. She looked at the man, not knowing what he was going to do. But then he said, "That girl on the train was murdered by the two guys. She's not alive at all. She's dead."
—Guest zoejane

The Clown Doll

A little girl named Judi was having her 7th Birthday, so her dad took her out shopping to buy a gift. She walked past a doll section and chose a little clown with a red nose and fuzzy green hair that was holding up 5 fingers with one hand and the other hand behind its back. "I want this little clown, Daddy," she said with a smile. Her dad said, "Sure." Little Judi went home and put her clown on her shelf and went to sleep... The next morning, Judi's dad called to Judi, "Wake up, honey, time for breakfast!" ...There was no answer. The dad walked up to Judi's room and knocked on the door. There was still no answer. He busted open the door, getting worried, and saw Judi on the floor, dead. Then he looked up at the clown on the shelf. It was now holding up 6 fingers.
—Guest Amelia_xoxo

This Is Scarrryyyyy

There once was a girl and her friend at the pool. When they got there the pool was closing in one hour, so they decided they would hide in the girls' locker room and go back swimming after everyone left. When it was closing time and the manager locked the door, they went swimming in the pool. They were having sooo much fun, until one of the girls remembered a story about a boy who drowned in water, and that when you're all alone he will pull you down and you will drown. The other girl thought that was a stupid story. Then when the girl who was scared got out of the pool, the other girl stayed in longer. Right when she decided to get out, someone pulled her down. While under the water the only thing she remembered was a little boy with a messed up face. When the other girl got out of the bathroom she couldn't find her friend. Then she looked down at the pool, and her friend was lying there, DEAD.
—Guest I'MSoOOadOrKaBlE

Don't cheat on Emily Scott (Part 4)

Emily smiled her beautiful smile, and her smile turned into a wicked grin. She hit the blonde woman, who fell onto the bed. Emily looked at Tom with the same wicked grin and start wrapping her arms around his waist, and kissed him passionately. The next morning, the police found the blonde woman's body with her head chopped off and found Tom's skinned body, but they never found his head. On the wall, Emily wrote "Don't cheat on Emily Scott" in her own blood. They say she is still alive and now lives in London. In her house there will be Tom's head hanging on her bedroom wall. Pretty scary, huh! So, to all the guys out there, never ever cheat on your loved ones... Mwahahahaha!
—Guest twilightjunkie

Don't cheat on Emily Scott (Part 3)

Emily tried opening the door, but it was locked so she peeked through the keyhole and found Tom and a blonde woman making love in his bed. Furious, Emily ran down the stairs and went into the garage to get an axe. She walked up the stairs, humming the wedding march tune. Tom heard someone humming but ignored it to continue satisfying himself. Emily banged the bedroom door with the axe and Tom and the blonde girl jumped out of bed, half-naked. "I swear to love you forever," Emily said over and over again. Tom begged her to drop the axe and kept on babbling about how he was sorry, and that he loved her very much. Emily smiled her beautiful smile and...
—Guest twilightjunkie

Don't cheat on Emily Scott (Part 2)

When Emily got to Tom's mansion, she knocked on the door a few times but no one answered. She knocked again and waited patiently. Emily got mad and started kicking the door with her wedding shoes, but still no answer. She went to the mansion's back door and found it unlocked. She opened it without hesitation and went in. She put Tom's wallet on the kitchen table and suddenly heard someone giggling upstairs. Emily walked up the stairs to investigate. She heard Tom and someone else giggling in Tom's bedroom. Emily tried opening the door, but it was locked so she peeked through the keyhole and found... (READ part 3)
—Guest twilightjunkie

Don't cheat on Emily Scott

Tom worked as a successful businessman. He met a beautiful lady named Emily Scott. He fell madly in love with her and decided to make her his bride. Emily agreed and was happy to get married to the gorgeous Tom. On the night before their wedding, Emily was trying out her wedding dress and found Tom's wallet in the shopping bag. She decided to see him and returned his wallet. It was past midnight, so she didn't change out of her wedding dress. When she got to Tom's mansion... (READ part 2)
—Guest twilightjunkie

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