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Urban Legends
THE starting place for exploring urban legends and folklore on the Web: Internet hoaxes, rumors, myths, fallacies, urban legends and urban myths debunked.
Urban Legends: Current Hoaxes & Legends
A comprehensive listing of urban legends, rumors, and Internet hoaxes: information on all the latest misinformation on the Net!
Hoax List: Current Netlore & Urban Legends
Hoax List from About.com: Current Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends debunked - your resource for information on all the latest misinformation on ...
New & Updated - Urban Legends, Rumors, Internet Hoaxes
Find info on the latest Internet hoaxes, rumors, and the most popular stories circulating today.
Urban Legends: Horror Stories!
Very scary stories, the absolute scariest urban legends, plus myths and hoaxes guaranteed to make you sore afraid.
Hoax Challenge - Can YOU Spot the Fakes? - Urban Legends
Real or Fake? Take our quiz and see if you can tell the hoax photos from the real thing!
Top 25 Urban Legends (Trending Topics)
Here are the Top 25 trending topics in Urban Legends this week: 1. Can YOU Spot the Fakes? Can you tell a fake image from the real thing? Take our hoax quiz ...
Slender Man - Real or Urban Legend? - Urban Legends - About.com
Dear Urban Legends: There is this myth going around the internet for a couple of years now about a "creature" called the Slender Man. The myth kind of goes ...
Cell Phone Numbers "Going Public" - Urban Legends - About.com
Viral messages warn that a directory of cell phone numbers is about to be published and instructs users to dial 888-382-1222 and add mobile numbers to the Do ...
Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky - Urban Legends - About.com
As folklorists we may not be able to cure paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th), but we can at least lend its sufferers a few good excuses.

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