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Urban Legends
THE starting place for exploring urban legends and folklore on the Web: Internet hoaxes, rumors, myths, fallacies, urban legends and urban myths debunked.
Urban Legends: Current Hoaxes & Legends
A comprehensive listing of urban legends, rumors, and Internet hoaxes: information on all the latest misinformation on the Net!
Hoax List: Current Netlore & Urban Legends
Hoax List from About.com: Current Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends debunked - your resource for information on all the latest misinformation on ...
New & Updated - Urban Legends, Rumors, Internet Hoaxes
The Top 25: Trending hoaxes and urban legends • Definitions: Hoax, rumor, urban legend • How to Submit: Contribute a suspected hoax / rumor / legend.
Top 25 Urban Legends (Trending Topics)
Trending urban legends, online rumors and hoaxes.
'Corpus Christi' Movie (Gay Jesus) - Urban Legends
'Corpus Christi' movie: Decades-old viral petition aims to block the release of a movie allegedly depicting Jesus Christ and his disciples as gay.
Top 20 Scary Stories - Read at Your Own Risk! - Urban Legends
Urban legends are rarely true, but they do reveal important truths about us -- our deepest, darkest fears, for example. Telling horror stories is cathartic, a way of ...
Ashley Flores Missing Person Hoax - Urban Legends
Ashley Flores hoax: Viral messages seek help locating Ashley Flores, a 13-year- old girl allegedly missing in Philadelphia.
Why Friday the 13th Is Considered Unlucky - Urban Legends - About ...
As folklorists, we may not be able to cure paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th), but we can at least lend its sufferers a few good excuses.
Do They Eat Babies in China? - Urban Legends
Dear Urban Legends: I received an email last week which was quite disturbing. It is about dead babies that can be bought from hospitals in Taiwan to meet the ...

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